Twitter Client Case Study: 265% More Followers, 1,600% More Retweets, 252% Increase in Reach in 30 Days! (+ exactly how I did it)

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So I was earlier asked by the great folks behind, a tech blog that covers all things gadgets, instruments, PC’s and many more, to manage their brand’s twitter, @Bloom_times and I’ll be walking you through how the first 30 days of my management went in today’s twitter case study.

I won’t only be sharing the results I got but also how I got them. The strategies and tactics I used, every single step I took plus all the tools I used from start to finish.

First off, I started managing the profile on the 20th of November, 2017. So these results are analytics from the 20th of November to 20th December, 2017. Like the headline said, we had a 265% increase in followers during this 30 day period. I started with just 110 followers and have now gone over 400. Mind you, @bloom_times has been on twitter for over 2 years.

In fact, I was able to get 62 new followers during the first 24 hours of implementing my strategies! (From 110-172!) So we’re looking at 110 total followers growth in 2 years and 265% more in 30 days!

Twitter Client Case StudyTwitter Client Case Study

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To be sure that these are real follows and not bots or fake accounts, I used to check the quality of followers that were following @bloom_times before I started growing it and also after the first 30 days.socialrank

So how did I use to check the followers quality? I ran a filter that showed me:

  1. The number of verified accounts following the page and;
  2. The number of users with 10,000+ followers that followed the page too.

This way, we’ll have an idea of the quality of users following the page.

Out of those 110 followers;

  1. There were 4 verified users and
  2. 25 users with 10,000+ followers.

socialrank resultsocialrank result2

After the 30 day period, the page now has;

  1. 23 verified users as followers and;
  2. 157 users with 10,000+ followers.

socialrank result3

Knowing fully that a brand’s success on twitter isn’t determined just by the number of followers it has, I didn’t only put my strengths to growing it’s following. During this period, our tweets were able to reach 35.1k impressions. The previous month reached exactly 10.1k impressions which is a 252% increase.

I also worked on the brand’s engagements and traffic too. The previous month had 3 RETWEETS, 9 LIKES and 0 REPLIES! After the first 30 days, it has gotten 51 RETWEETS, 115 LIKES and 23 REPLIES!

twitter engagement 1

After 30 day period.

twitter engagement 2

So you might be wondering how I got these results. What strategies and tools I used.

Which is what today’s guide is all about. I’ll be walking you through all the processes, tactics and tools I used to grow @Bloom_times’ twitter page real quick in just 30 days.

Twitter Case Study: 265% More Followers, 1,600% More Retweets, 252% Increase in Reach, 1,177% More likes in 30 Days!

To begin with, let’s look at how we were able to add 290+ followers in 30 days.

Yes, I know that adding about 300 new followers to a twitter account in 30 days isn’t precisely mind blowing but likewise not bad too considering the fact that @Bloom_Times has been on twitter for over 2 years and only grew to 110 followers.

So during this 30 day period, we were able to grow the brand’s following about 3 times more than it has in 2 years. I’ll be breaking down each and every step to you right away.

Step #1: I Started with the Brand’s Look (and made it more professional).

If you’ve read some of my pieces, you would have known how much I value a professional looking twitter profile. Knowing the benefits of having a complete and professional profile, I make it a priority for any brand I work with.

Bloomtimes twitter

@Bloom_times twitter look before I took over.

Having a professional profile can get you tons of follows, follows from influential twitter users (or celebrities) and can also grow your influence too.

So how did I change @Bloom_times’ look?

The page already had a great profile and wall image (with good quality), so I only tweaked its bio and added a professional looking pinned tweet.

  • A great bio.
  • A good looking pinned tweet.

Bloomtimes twitter2

Creating the ‘Perfect’ Bio Text (& pinned tweet) for @Bloom_Times.

To create the best looking text for the bio, I worked with 3 simple principles which were;

  1. Personality.
  2. How we helped.
  3. Professionalism.

At first, I quickly came up with this;

“At BloomTimes, we make it a priority to help you learn and stay updated about all things mobile phones, apps, games & gadgets. Start by learning how to get the iPhone X look on your Android Device

We would have driven a good number of visitors using this bio because;

  • A lot of users will see the bio,
  • IPhone X was a trending topic at the time.

So possibilities are high we’ll drive a number of visits from that bio. But thing is;

“Social media isn’t always about getting users to click your links and check your stuffs; it’s about being professional and providing value.”Twitter isn’t always about getting users to click your links and check your stuffs; it’s about being professional and providing value - by @s_zakuu #SMM Click To Tweet

So I decided we’ll go with a more personal and professional approach;

At BloomTimes, we make it a priority to help you learn and stay updated about all things phones, apps, gadgets. Tweet us!!! Tweets by @s_zakuu

SN: I used the same bio principle to create the pinned tweet.

Step #2: Getting the Account’s Basics Right.

Before jumping into attracting more followers, I made sure I had the basics done. These are things that’ll make growing any twitter brand easier, faster and more organic. Here are some of the things I did;

Basic Thing #1: I Got a Feel of What the Brand is all About.

To be able to grow the brand organically, I needed to better understand what was all about, their primary goal, their type of audience and purpose. So the two things I did was;

  • Asked them to fill a survey that I put together.
  • Went through their about page to better understand their purpose (and story).
  • Read some of their recent (and most popular) blog posts to know their way of providing value.

In the survey, I asked questions like;

  • “In one sentence, what’s Bloomtimes’ purpose?”
  • “What’s your number 1 business goal for BloomTimes (E.g increase website traffic). Etc.

I went through their website’s about page to get a ‘picture’ about what their purpose really is. Reading some of their most popular (trending) posts helped me know the type of content their audience preferred. Which are mostly topics about “bitcoin”, “IPhone”, and “gaming”.

About Bloomtimes

Basic Thing #2: I Searched for Influencers in Bloomtimes’ Space (niche).

To get my hands a little dirty about what’s working in the industry, I needed to find niche influencers and analyze what they were doing. The kind of content they were tweeting, the hashtags they were using and many more. This will also help me connect with the kind of users that’ll love the brand.

So this was what I did;

I ran this quick Google search “Top Tech Bloggers & Influencers in India”. The results listed influencers like:

Amit Agarwal, @Labnol of
Harsh Agrawal, @Denharsh of
Ankit Prakash, @Ankitpr89 of
Ashish Sinha, @Cnha of
Nikhil Pahwa, @Nixxin of

I then ran a few searches (using Twitonomy and Moz’s twitter analyzer tool) in order to find the most appearing words and hashtags. This way I’ll be able to find hashtags that work for these influencers and use them.

For example, here’s a typical analyzed result for Amit Agarwal (@Labnol).

@labnol twitonomy

Basic Thing #3: I Told Twitter what @Bloom_times was About (using keywords).

This tactic is one of my favorite one because it kind of tells twitter what your brand is all about. Your niche and the kind of followers you’re looking to attract.

This is simple and only takes a few minutes.

If you signed up your twitter account by yourself then you must have passed through this stage during sign up. This is what twitter uses to determine who they suggest to who.

travel bloggers' twitter

So how do you go about this?

Head over to and click on “let’s go”.twitter start

In the “LOOKING FOR EVEN MORE?” section, insert as many keywords (related to your brand) as you can. These can be as much as 10 or 50.

twitter keywords

Step #3: Getting Followed, Growing its Traffic, Reach and Engagements.

There are a bunch of things that I did and strategies I implemented in order to grow @Bloom_times’ followers, engagements and traffic. So I’ll be revealing everything I did and probably the results that came out.

Here are some of the main strategies I implemented during this 30-day period.

Twitter Strategy #1: I Connected with Users that Love Tech Influencers.

To grow on twitter, I understood the fact that we needed to find and connect with users that are likely to love what is all about. For example if your business sells fashion wears then you should think of connecting with users that love (or follow) brands like @Gucci, @Versace and @Dolcegabbana. This strategy is directly related to influencer marketing; leveraging the big guys in order to grow your brand.

This strategy not only grows your brand with the right kind of users but ones that will engage with your tweets, click your links and probably buy your stuffs.

I started by going through some of the influencers we found (above) and connecting with users that;

  • Follow them.
  • Send nice tweets about them.
  • Reply their pinned tweets.

This way, we’ll only get users that will most likely love what @bloom_times is all about and not just any random twitter user.

Twitter Strategy #2: I Increased the Number of Tweets Sent Out.

During the previous month (before I took over the profile), only 28 tweets were sent out. That is 1 tweet each day (on average). During my first 30 day period, I was able to multiply that number to 254 tweets!

Which is 8 tweets per day on average.

Increasing this number not only boosted the tweets reach by over 255.5%, it also drove 108 website visits. Not bad for a profile with only a few hundred follows.

So the basic thing behind this is simple. If X number of tweets reached 10 users and brought 3 websites visits then 2X number of tweets should be able to reach 15-20 users and bring in 5-6 website visits. And that was the strategy I worked with during this period.

Twitter Strategy #3: I thanked almost everyone that followed (and followed back).

Knowing fully the importance of interaction on twitter, I made it a priority to reply and thank about every user that followed us. This helps show that a real human is behind this profile which is what twitter is all about.

“Being real and human helps grow your twitter brand organically.”Being real and human helps grow your twitter brand organically - by @s_zakuu Click To Tweet

I set out about 5 minutes every day to thanking each and every new follower we had during the day.

Twitter Strategy #4: I made users know that a real human is behind every tweet (and not some robot).

Apart from thanking each and every user that followed us, I also used other means to prostrate our humanness and personality. Some of which are;

  • Including my name after every ‘thank you’ tweet.
  • Including the person behind every tweet, retweet and engagement.
  • Participating in twitter chats and group discussions like #MondayMotivation, #FollowFriday etc.
  • Sending personalized tweets.
  • Using emojis.
  • @Replying everyone that engaged with us (and many more).

Twitter Strategy #6: I put a little more strength to tweeting posts in the “trending” section of the website/blog.

So instead of just tweeting every article on bloomtimes’ blog, I didn’t want to waste time on ones that wouldn’t provide results so I focused on promoting posts that were already trending on Thanks to the awesome folks behind it they’ve segmented trending posts on a separate page which made things a little easier.

bloomtimes trending archives

Using this tactic will save us from promoting articles visitors aren’t really interested in and focus on ones that have a lot of eyes on them. Like I said, they were mainly posts about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, iPhones and games.

Twitter Strategy #7: I Continually Re-Tweeted Tweets that Tend to Perform Better.

To further save us time and ‘wasted tweets’, I also focused my strengths on re-promoting blog posts that tend to perform better. For instance if I tweet about bitcoin, iPhone and Android and tweets about Android tend to get more clicks, retweets and likes then I’ll continually re-share more of articles about Android (using buffer).

So in this case, these are some of the tweets that always did better than the rest;

So what I did was restructured the titles and made them sound different (or ‘new) so as to avoid being spammy.

Conclusion/Where I Didn’t Do Well.

Instead of hiding where this ‘campaign’ didn’t do so well and talk only about the good aspect, I feel I’m only being unfair to you guys and can also affect what I stand for as a twitter marketer & manager. So I want my case studies to be more of a transparent behind the scenes look at everything I did during a specific period of time that got me certain results.

In this campaign, there are two major aspects that aren’t precisely impressive. Which are;

  1. I put the brand into politics.
  2. Link clicks was lesser than the previous month.

I kind of put the brand into politics: What I mean by this is that I occasionally involved the brand in politics related matters which turned out to be something the folks at didn’t want. But the main reason I did this was to give users a more human feel about the brand.

I didn’t say or give opinions about anything politics but mainly retweeted politically related tweets, liked and retweeted users that engage with politically related tweets.

So in the coming months, I’ll only be focusing on building a ‘tech-related’ community of fans which will undoubtedly help grow the brand even faster and more organically on twitter.

Link Clicks was less than Previous Month’s: Like I said, during this 30 day period, we were able to generate over 100 visits to the website while the previous month (October) did over 200!

30 day traffic result

October report.

october traffic result

Here’s the thing;

That particular month had an unusual spike in website visits and I’ve been trying to figure out the cause of that spike but still haven’t gotten my hands on something but will update this case study as soon as I get it.

So what unusual spike am I talking about?

I went through other month’s analytics (for 2017) and these were the results.

June, 2017 – 13 clicks.
July, 2017 – 2 clicks.
August, 2017 – 10 clicks.
September, 2017 – 18 clicks.
October, 2017 – 257 clicks (unusual spike).
November, 2017 – 66 clicks (I started managing).
December, 2017 – 110 clicks (just 20 days in).

But regardless of that, it shouldn’t be a reason as to why I didn’t generate more website visits. The goal is to always do better as time goes. Always grow bigger than the previous month.

PS: Just figured out the cause of the unusual spike in October’s website traffic.

There was this one particular tweet that went ‘semi viral’. It got an unusual high amount of engagements and link clicks (was probably retweeted by an influencer/celebrity or something).

From the image, the tweet got 299 link clicks and 313 total engagements.

October most engaged tweet


So thank you for checking and reading this twitter case study. Be sure to drop a comment and let me know what you think about this 30-day result.

Don’t forget to hit the tweet button, share and pin too – these guides take ages to put together .

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Shadab Alam

Great Post bro.

As far as managing twitter, My personal favourite is twitter analytics. I always try to curate content that got more views, clicks or engagement.

Now trying to Re-tweets content from my community so that we can help each other.

Like you have mentioned “Being real and human helps grow your twitter brand organically” , I will remove those auto responder DM.

Thanks for wonderful piece of content. This will definitely help everyone.