The Ultimate List of 70+ Twitter Chats for Bloggers in Different Niches (2018 List)

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In today’s post, I’m going to compile a long list of the top Twitter Chats for bloggers in 2018. If you’re not familiar with Twitter Chats, I’ll quickly run through it. Here’s how twitter chats work:

Twitter Chats for Bloggers

The Ultimate List of 70+ Twitter Chats for Bloggers in Different Niches (2018 List)

What are Twitter Chats/Tweet Chats/Twitter Hour?

“A Twitter Chat or Tweet Chat is a public discussion or conversation by different twitter users around one particular topic represented with a hashtag. For example, a weekly social media twitter chat can be represented with #SocialMediaChat.”

A Twitter hour is used to represent Twitter Chats that last for an hour or more.

How Do You Participate in a Twitter Chat?

Participating in Twitter Chats or Tweet Chats (which ever one you prefer) is as easy as sending a tweet from your twitter account.

Step 1: Finding relevant twitter chats to participate in. In this case you’re a blogger thus you’d find twitter chats for bloggers.

Step 2: Find out about each twitter chat you found. Know the date and time which they take place.

Step 3: Show up during their respective chats times, write out a (relevant) tweet then simply insert the twitter chat hashtag.

If the twitter chat’s hashtag is #SocialMediaChat then your tweet must include the hashtag #SocialMediaChat.

Let’s quickly get into today’s resource list and to make this easier to consume for YOU, I’ve compiled this list in different blogging categories so you can focus on checking the ones that’ll yield the most ROI for your blog in terms of connections, traffic, friends etc.

Here are the different niches (click to navigate):

  1. Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketing Bloggers
  2. Twitter Chats for Business and Marketing Bloggers
  3. Twitter Chats for Writers and Book Bloggers
  4. Twitter Chats for Beauty & Fashion Bloggers
  5. Twitter Chats for Travel Bloggers
  6. Twitter Chats for Craft & Creative Bloggers
  7. Twitter Chats for Parent Bloggers
  8. Twitter Chats for SEO Bloggers
  9. General TweetChats for Every Blogger

Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketing Bloggers




Q6. Which social media tactic provides the most return for your brand? #HootChat

— Hootsuite (@hootsuite) July 19, 2018



Q3. @ZalkaB: What is the education and skillset of today’s modern marketers? #SocialPowWow

— #SocialPowWow (@SocialPowWow) July 19, 2018



Thurs 1pm ET

Q1: What makes Twitter a great platform for understanding your core community? #TwitterSmarter

— Madalyn Sklar 🚀 Digital Marketing Coach (@MadalynSklar) July 12, 2018



12:30pm ET

Q1. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Social Media Engagement? #cfchat

— Crowdfire (@Crowdfire) July 19, 2018



Tuesdays 5pm ET



This is one of my biggest tips on how to grow your network on social media. I know it might sound like a “chore”, but it’s really not – log in to your Twitter DAILY and interact/follow the people interacting with you. It will pay off. It has for me! #SocialROI

— Julia McCoy / CEO, Author, Educator (@JuliaEMcCoy) July 17, 2018


1pm ET


Welcome to Quuu’s #TwitterChat! Thanks for joining the #Qchat 🙂

— Quuu (@quuu_co) July 17, 2018



We’re discussing the latest tips, trends and updates on Pinterest in this week’s #PinChat. We’re glad you are here. #pinterestmarketing

— PinSmart (@pinsmartacademy) March 14, 2018

#ChatGramLive (formerly #ChatGram)


Quick Reminder! #ChatGram is on Vacation… Sort of!😉
For March and April there will be no official ChatGram, aim for relaunch in May. Get the full details of what’s up in the link.

— #ChatGramLive (@chat_gram) March 6, 2018



Thursday 9pm ET

Join us for #ViralChat every Thursday at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET!

— #ViralChat (@ViralChat) June 13, 2016


Wednesday from 2-3 pm CT


Q6: How do you set expectations around content to avoid underdelivering? #SproutChat

— Sprout Social (@SproutSocial) July 18, 2018



Tuesday 9pm IST

Q5. What are the do’s and Don’ts you recommend to run a contest on social media channels? #RubhuSocial

— Rubhu Social (@RubhuSocial) May 22, 2018

Twitter Chats for Business & Marketing Bloggers




Wednesday 8pm

Tune in right now for tonight’s #SmallBizChat LIVE with @SmallBizLady and guests @TechLifeSteph, @barrymoltz, and @pamslim. Let’s get started:

— Adobe Document Cloud (@AdobeDocCloud) July 18, 2018


Wednesday 8pm ET


Before we get started, introduce yourself, let us know where you’re based and say a little about your business. #MNCHour

— Mumpreneurs Club (@mumpreneursclub) July 18, 2018



Wednesday 10am CT

Apologies, BRANDidos! We need to postpone #brandchat till next Wed, 7/25. Headed to #SDCC2018 . Look forward to seeing everyone next week for #brandchat

— Brand Chat (@brandchat) July 18, 2018



Q6 What do you want MORE of in the new year? What do you want LESS of? #Ambitionista

—™ (@Ambitionista) December 19, 2017


4pm ET


Q3: Are you currently generating passive income in your business? If not, would you like to? #contenthour

— Janet Murray – #Inbound18 speaker (@jan_murray) July 16, 2018



Q2: Keywords are important, but only if you select the right ones. How can you hone in on the most relevant terms? #CMWorld

— Content Marketing (@CMIContent) July 17, 2018


2pm ET


A5: I love LinkedIn but to be honest I think every platform has potential as long as you respect it’s quirks and how the audience interact. You have to adapt your content #winniesun

— Warwick Brown (@warwickabrown) July 18, 2018



Thurs at 10pm EST

A3) Put out GOOD, meaningful, useful content related to your business. Be strategic about posting content that solves a problem, humanizes your brand or fills a need. Be a resource, and they’ll come back for more, share, engage, trust you and follow you. #MediaChat

— Joelle Parra (@JoelleParra) July 20, 2018



Q6 What are your favorite marketing channels? #BizGalz

— BizGalz (@BizGalz) July 16, 2018



Mondays 2pm ET

Q10: What could you see yourself doing all day every day for the next 5 years? #BizapaloozaChat

— Bizapalooza (@Bizapalooza) July 20, 2018


3pm ET


TOMORROW on #ContentChat I’m leading a Community Conversation: Where Ephemeral Content Fits in to Your #ContentMarketing Strategy. Join us at 12 noon Pacific / 3 p.m. Eastern / 7 p.m. GMT

— Erika Heald | Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) July 22, 2018



Q5. What was the biggest lesson you learned, or best advice you received in 2017? #OrcaChat

— HeyOrca! (@HeyOrca) December 12, 2017



2pm ET

Q7. What are some tools that can help you with auditing social media channels? #bizheroes

— (@paper_li) July 17, 2018



2pm ET

A1. Simply put this is the art and practice of thinking and behaving like an entrepreneur no matter one’s setting. With speed, urgency, agility, resource minded and most importantly, rapid experimentation #WeTalkBiz

— Mushambi Mutuma (@mushambimutuma) July 17, 2018



3pm ET

Q5. What part does accreditation play in all of this? @CharlotteWibb #vipvachat

— VIP VA (@vipvaorg) January 16, 2018



REMINDER: We have a NEW chat schedule, #SourceChat will be held the last Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. EST. See you 8/29 for our #mobile #apps for #B2B discussion!

— SourceMedia (@SourceMediaCo) July 18, 2018



Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET

Q7: What are some deal-breakers for you when you’re considering buying something online? Or more generally: why do you abandon your shopping cart? #AdweekChat

— Adweek (@Adweek) July 18, 2018



Q5: Is it more effective for brands to have in-house or external marketing creatives? Why? #marketochat

— Marketo (@marketo) July 19, 2018



On this week’s #PMChat, we chatted about what it means to look at #ProjectManagement basics – those key mastery areas that set us up for s

uccessful delivery

— Tony Adams PM (@TonyAdams2002) July 4, 2018



Wednesday 9pm EST

Before we get started, let me Welcome our first-timers here at #ThinkBeContent. Our chat meets on the last Wed. of every month, where we discuss anything related to entrepreneurship + digital content. You can RSVP or co-host the next one:

— Taja Fox (@TajaFox) June 28, 2018


First Tuesdays (of Every Month) @ 10 AM CST 


#ContentWritingChat Recap: Nail Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn –

— Netvantage Marketing (@netvantage) July 13, 2018



Mondays 11am ET

Q4. What are the main concerns with transition speaking, pitching and storytelling skills to Video? #PoCchat #speaker #video

— Bobby Umar | Keynote Speaker (@raehanbobby) July 16, 2018

Twitter Chats For Writers & Book Bloggers




Thank you, @WildRosePress for sponsoring #10MInNovelists as we hold our first ever conference! Can’t wait to meet you August 9-11, 2018 in Cincinnati!

— 10 Minute Novelists (@10MinNovelists) February 20, 2018



Hey all, the #authorconfession July 2018 board is up!!! Who’s ready to kick some serious booty this month!?! @jmsullivanbooks are looking forward to seeing your progress and answers.

This is pinned to my page for your convenience 😍

— Jessica Julien (@jjulienauthor) July 3, 2018



Fun fact: if you #Write500aDay for the rest of the year, then on Dec. 31 you will have written 81,000 words.

That’s a book, guys.

If you bump it up to 700 a day, you’ll have 119,000 words. That’s revisions and edits.

You can have a WHOLE book ready by Jan 1.


— ✨ J.M. Sullivan ✨ (@jmsullivanbooks) July 14, 2018



Wed 6pm PST

I’m really interested in creating book covers. I am currently experimenting, but what works best/what have you had the most luck with?

— DMShepard, Electrical Engineer, writer of random (@dmshepard13) July 19, 2018



Alright then, #Creaturechat, we’ll stick with summer/heat for the topic! So Q1:

Just how hot does it get in your world? What about, say, the summer average versus the unusually high heat it may see from time to time? Does it stay mild, or get dangerously scorching?

— Of The Wilds (@OfTheWilds) July 19, 2018



Sunday at 1 PM EST

How can you add to those who are in your tribe?
This may be different from just support. What skills do you have?
Let me emphasis one thing: don’t you dare say NOTHING. You ALL have something great. Embrace your gifts!#happywritingchat

— Happy Writing (@happywriting1) July 8, 2018


Thursdays 9-10pm ET


Thursday #kidlitart is having a hide-your-wallet chat. We’re discussing our favorite mediums: the pros & cons, the tools, and the tips and tricks we have for mastering them. Join us at 9pm EDT! See you then.

— kidlitart (@kidlitart) July 17, 2018


Sunday at 4pm PST | 7pm EST

@bellromance @clpolk

This month we’re doing a series of chats on romance subgenres, and tonight we’re talking about romantic suspense! #RWchat

— Romance Writer Chat (@rwchat) July 15, 2018



#SciFiChat Q2: According to Mike Resnick, people used to wear suits and ties. I thought that odd at first, but then, cons used to only be pro cons (like Worldcon) and they tend to reflect prevailing business dress norms.

— C. Stuart Hardwick (@CStuartHardwick) July 20, 2018



Lovely to see you all here, #storycrafter-s! Now, before we get started, here’s something important to keep in mind:

— Faye Kirwin (@Writerology) July 15, 2018



An encouraging words for my #StrongWomenWrite sister’s this morn: Stop living quietly beneath your calling. Rise!

— #StrongWomenWrite (@StrongWomenWrte) May 11, 2018



A2. Because even though it’s 2018 women are still fighting for ownership of their bodies, are paying a premium for essentials like the pill or feminine hygiene products and are earning less than men for doing the same job with the same experience/qualifications #wattpad4

— Fallon drafting #ProjectMoon DeMornay (@FallonDemornay) July 17, 2018


Sunday 10am CDT


Q2: How do certain song tracks or soundscapes help you get in a writing mindset? List some of your favorites. #WritersPatch

— Alexandra VanHorn 🦇 (@PatchworkNerd) July 15, 2018



Q2: There’s another idea that writers who have mental illnesses are less likely to receive mental health treatment in fear that this will snuff out their “creative spark.”

Do you have an opinion on this idea? #writestuff

— Tamara Woods is writing all the things📚☕ (@PenPaperPad) July 18, 2018

Twitter Chats for Beauty & Fashion Bloggers




FRI & TUES at 7pm BST

Tonight at 7pm we were thinking of doing our first #TwitterChat for #SouthWest #bloggers – who would be joining us? 🦄 Tonight we’d be talking Instagram… #BeautyBrawl #DevonBloggers #SomersetBloggers #DorsetBloggers #CornwallBloggers #GloucestershireBloggers #BristolBloggers

— Blogger’s Beauty Brawl (@BeautyBrawlChat) July 3, 2018



Calling all #bbloggers – who would like to take part in a 10-day #summer beauty collaboration series? 💜 It’s 10 days of reviewing using scores to mark each product on 3 things (product, packing & price). It’s a lot of fun & a great way to boost your views! Comment if interested!

— Blogger’s Beauty Brawl (@BeautyBrawlChat) July 20, 2018

Twitter Chats for Travel Bloggers




Q4: Beaches, lakes, waterfalls, and other bodies of water can create stunning reflections. Share a reflection photo you love. #CultureTrav

— Nicolette Orlemans (@Nicolette_O) July 19, 2018



Q5: Describe a time and share a photo when things didn’t quite go according to plan, but it led to an authentic, memorable adventure – even if it wasn’t enjoyable at the time! via @wildsumatra #TRLT

— TOUCHSE (@Touchse) July 17, 2018



Tuesday 2 pm ET

Q1: What’s the most exotic destination on your #Cruise Bucket List? #CruiseChat

— Simon (@SimonTravels) July 17, 2018



A1 Yes I’ve been to #Hawaii multiple times! 5/8 islands. Oahu is my favorite 🙂 #TravelSkills

— Andrea Feczko (@AndreaFeczko) July 20, 2018



Wednesday at 8pm EST

A3. Chocolate Cheese! @JeffMauro got to try this when he visited @MarsCheeseCstle in Kenosha! It’s a super creamy, Havarti whey cheese mixed with chocolate – making it taste almost like fudge. #FoodTravelChat

— Visit Kenosha (@VisitKenosha) July 19, 2018



Q2: If you could visit any of the world’s best islands, which would it be and why? #TLWorldsBest #TL_Chat

— Travel + Leisure (@TravelLeisure) July 13, 2017

Twitter Chats for Craft & Creative Bloggers



Mondays 8PM GMT


#creativebizhour is at 8pm (GMT) every Monday! Hope to see you there. #creative #networking #art #design

— #CreativeBizHour (@CreativeBizHr) July 21, 2017

Twitter Chats for Parent Bloggers



Sun 9-10pm


It’s the pinnacle of life, are we right? 😂#pbloggers #parents #mumlife #parentproblems #toddler

— Novi (@novibabyuk) July 21, 2018



Thanks for another great #mblogchat! Best of luck for surviving the summer everyone!

— Mummy Bloggers (@mummy_bloggers) June 24, 2018

Twitter Chats for SEO Bloggers



Thursdays 10am


A3 Are there any particular ranking signals that you are experimenting with? Any successes that you have had with them? #SEOChat

— Bill Slawski ⚓ (@bill_slawski) July 12, 2018



Q1. Do online reviews really matter? Why or why not? #semrushchat

— SEMrush (@semrush) July 18, 2018



A8: Not like I want too. It’s amazing to me in this day and age that client sales teams can’t even come up with a top 50 list of the companies they want to sell to…True Story #ppcchat

— Tad Miller (@jstatad) July 17, 2018

General TweetChats for Every Blogger



Mon & Thurs, 9am PST / 5pm GMT



Sundays at 8pm


Q3. How much editing do you do to your images? How can manipulating colours/light/clarity help to enhance an image? #BlogosphereChat

— Blogosphere (@BlogosphereM) July 15, 2018


Tues/Sun @ 9pm GMT


Q1) Many people think blogging is easy, we all know that’s wrong! What transferable skills have you learnt from blogging that helps you day to day? #GRLPOWR



Mondays 5-6pm & Thursday 9-10pm BST


A3 after many years, yes. I’ve always had my family but never had the best test in friends! But finally I have a group of 4 amazing friends who are so extremely supportive in everything I do. #beechat

— catherine titcomb (@catlady1492) July 16, 2018


Monday & Friday 8-9pm


What’s your most bizarre wedding related story? #BDIB

— #BDIB (@BDIBChat) May 14, 2018




#NectarChat is moving to a MONTHLY basis — the next chat will be August 10th at 6pm Pacific. 🙂 Write it down, yo!

— Melyssa Griffin (@melyssa_griffin) July 14, 2016


Tues at 8pm-9pm GMT


The #fblchat happens every Tues at 8pm-9pm GMT

— FBL Bloggers#fblchat (@fashbeautylife) July 22, 2018


Tuesday’s at 9pm


Q4) What do you think the impact is of having strong photography on your blog? #Bloghour

— UK Blog Awards (@UKBlogAwards) July 17, 2018



Thursday 8pm GMT

We 100% believe that you should always write for you first, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your readers’ / audience’s views into consideration. Ask them what the like and want to see more of from you! It doesn’t hurt! #30plusblogs #30plustips #satu

— THIRTY PLUS (@WeAreThirtyPlus) July 7, 2018


Monday at 9pm CT


Still reviewing notes from @BlogElevated Be Social.

Thank you for hosting a great conference!

Always meet great people and walk away with a long to do list 😬👍🏼👩🏻‍💻#BlogElevated

— Jessica Brassington (@UnProcessedJESS) July 3, 2018


Mondays 6pm GMT



— #TheGirlGang (@TheGirlGangHQ) June 13, 2017


Thursday from 9PM until 10PM UK


What’s new in the cruelty free beauty world?
Too Faced just launched a new concealer, and everyone is raving about it! #cfbloggers #cfbloggerschat

— CF Bloggers Chat (@CFbloggerschat) July 12, 2018



What happened at Blogtacular 2018 and who made it awesome? It’s the bumper thank you post – goody bag thanks to come! #blogtacular

— Blogtacular (@Blogtacular) July 13, 2018



Q3. What is the one backlink you are proud of? How did you get it? #ShoutersChat

— ShoutMeLoud (@shoutmeloud) February 24, 2018



Sundays 9.30am GMT

Come and make some new friends at #BloggerationChat Sundays 9.30am GMT #lbloggers #bbloggers #thegirlgang

— Bloggeration (@Bloggeration_) May 27, 2017



4pm ET

Q8. Why and when would someone use the results of a tweetchat for content creation? #digiblogchat

— Carol Stephen (@Carol_Stephen) July 17, 2018

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