19 Blogging Experts Reveal 24 Tweet Ideas for Bloggers

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Are you out of tweet ideas to share? Don’t worry I got you covered as always.

Before jumping into today’s guide, I have two things you need to do;

  • Read this post to the end.
  • Check out other great twitter posts on my blog.

If you’re thinking about what to tweet or the best tweet ideas to get more followers while providing the best value you can then you’re not alone. Most bloggers get this block every day.

Increased twitter engagements can lead to more followers, connections, fans and even business deals. The more you put out great content on your twitter page the faster your traffic, leads and follower base grow.

Creative tweet ideas = Engaged twitter community!

But thing is;

You know how important great twitter content is but the question that keeps popping everywhere is “WHAT DO I TWEET?” or “WHAT TWEET IDEAS ARE BEST FOR ME?!”

Well, I reached out to a few blogging experts to reveal what they consistently tweet out on their twitter pages and without wasting much time, let’s jump right into it…


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Tweet Ideas for Bloggers

 tweet ideas

Tweet Ideas for Bloggers by Bloggers

sue anne dunlevie1. Tweet a video recommending an affiliate product or an upcoming product launch you are having. Twitter says that videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted. And remember to include a strong call to action.

2. Another idea is to crowdsource your next blog post. Ask for topics that people want to know more about and hear right from your readers.

About Sue Dunlevie: Sue is the founder of Successful Bloggingand she helps blogger make more money with their blogs so they can work at home, be their own boss and spend more time doing what they love. Follow Sue on twitter@sueannedunlevie

Leonard KimA thoughtful response to someone else’s tweet. No one cares what you do or how much you know until they know how much you care. Lead with engaging with others, not promoting your own message and people will come to listen and pay attention to what you truly have to say.

About Leonard Kim: Leonard Kim‘s TEDx Talk has been internationally recognized as one of the best TED Talks by Forbes and Inc. Magazine. He now helps individuals and entrepreneurs build their personal brands with Ryan over at InfluenceTree. Follow Kim on Twitter @MrLeonardKim

John NunezReuse your existing content. Over time you’ll share a lot of content on Twitter but that doesn’t mean you only get to share it once. You can tweet it as many times as you want; as long as the content is still relevant.

Use the Twitter media studio to find all your existing videos, gifs, and images. Then select the ones you want to re-tweet and schedule them.

About John Nunez: John is the founder of JohnImSecrets where he share exclusive Inbound Marketing Tips, Techniques and Guides. He has been teaching people how to grow their websites with the power of inbound marketing. Follow John in Twitter @JohnNunez2905.

adam connell1. As a blogger, you need to start getting on the radar of influencers. They have direct access to your target audience and a relationship with them will be extremely beneficial.

While there are super effective ways to do this like subscribing to their list and replying to their emails, a quick and easy way is to mention them in a blog post and let them know about it via Twitter (you could send them an email too to make sure they don’t miss it.

2. Make your tweets more engaging! Try pulling tips from your posts and including them in tweets along with emotes.

A great example of this is a tweet from the team at Digital Olympus who shared one of our recent posts on Blogging Wizard:

There are a lot of ways to stand out on Twitter, but this is quick and easy way to make your posts more eye-catching.

About Adam Connell: Adam is the founder of Blogging Wizard. He used to manage the content marketing efforts for brands earning well over 8 figures in annual revenue. Now he teaches bloggers how to create a blog that thrives in a noisy online world. Follow Adam on twitter @Adamjayc.

zac johnson“To grab the attention of different audiences around the world, I always recommend taking a look at what hashtags and topics are currently trending for the day. If you don’t have content that already relates to it, simply link to another resource or provide a quote. Do this daily and watch as your social reach and following continues to grow daily.”

About Zac Johnson: Zac Johnson is the founder of Blogging Tips. He is an Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Blogger, Super Affiliate by Day, and Super Hero at Night! He now helps people make money online specifically through affiliate marketing. Follow Zac on twitter @Zacjohnson.

Carmen Lascu“Motivational quotes are always a success. Look online for any quotes related to the field of your business and start creating some beautiful visual posts that will certainly bring you some new followers and higher engagement. You can use Canva, Visme or Pablo to quickly create stunning images. Once they are ready to be tweeted, make sure you use a trend hashtag that is relevant to your post- Carmen Lascu, Empowering Online Marketing & Motivational Hub.”

About Carmen Lascu: Carmen is a social media expert and published author on Amazon. She shares her social media expertise on her website’s blog. Carmen has been listed as one of the top social media influencers on Huffington Post. Follow Carmen on Twitter @CarmenLascu.

David Leonhardt“Anniversaries are great occasions to tweet. First, they create a context for a message. Second, there are tons of people following #OTD and #OnThisDay on Twitter…and retweeting. The key is to pick events that people can relate to. You own blog’s anniversary won’t get you much attention. For instance, on the one-year anniversary of a great flood, you might remind people how important it is to have a spare pair of water boots, then attach a pic of a duck wearing water boots and a link to “where to buy water boots”

About David Leonhardt: David Leonhardt is the President, chief SEO, and writer at TheHappyGuyMarketing. You can find him on Twitter or Pinterest.

Janice Wald1. Use Twitter to advertise your ebook. Include the link to Amazon. Not only do I use tweets to promote my ebook, but a tweet advertising my ebook is my pinned post on Twitter.

2. When hashtags relevant to your niche are trending, use Twitter to tweet about your relevant content and include the article’s URL. This is a great way of repurposing old content as well as capitalizing on the recent interest. For example, when I see Google trending, I’ll tweet my older articles about Google with the trending hashtag #Google. If you’re concerned people will think you have a new post for them to read, include the hashtag #ICYMI (In case you missed it) so people know it’s not a new article.

3. Use Twitter to promote your email list optin. In this way, your tweets will help grow your email list. More information about how to use Twitter for blogging success can be found here.

About Janice Wald: Janice is the founder of Mostlyblogging. She is an expert blogger, writer and marketer. The award winning blogger now helps other bloggers generate more traffic through effective promotion. Follow Janice on twitter @Mrspaznanski.

Minuca Elena1. Invite influencers to an expert roundup blog post and then tag them on Twitter. For best results, choose a quote from each answer, add the title and the link to the post and tag the author. He or she will most likely retweet it.

2. Make a habit of reading at least one article per day from your industry. Tweet that article, include some relevant hashtags and tag the author. It will be more useful for you than automatically scheduling 10 articles per day that you don’t even read.

3. Always write the name of your blog post and your site’s URL on the images from your articles. This way, even if someone doesn’t read your tweet, the image will stand up and attract more visitors.”

About Minuca Elena: Minuca is a freelance writer specialized in creating expert roundup blog articles. Her articles provide quality content, bring huge traffic and get backlinks. She also helps bloggers connect with influencers. Visit her website here. Find Minuca on twitter @Minucaelena.


Srish Agrawal“Social media is all about visuals. This is especially true on Twitter, as there are so many updates being made to a status update feed 24/7. We like to create custom images for all of our social updates so they not only fit each platform correctly, but also grab the interest from our followers. Create visuals that are simple, clean, and have a great headline or call to action.”

About Srish Agrawal: Srish is the founder of A1future and Infographic Design Team. He is also a branding and internet marketing expert. Srish has been featured on CNBN. Follow Srish on Twitter @Srishagrawal.

Jeremy Rivera“If you want to improve your twitter feed while building relationships that will have long-term value then you need to do more than actually just “follow” people. I have often used the following framework:
Day 1. Like a tweet related to your shared interests
Day 2. Like 2 tweets related to your shared interests.
Day 3. Retweet 1 of their tweets that contains a link to something interesting they’ve posted
Day 4. Quote retweet 1 of their tweets that links to THEIR site/video/etc.
Day 5. @ reply to something they’ve posted.

By this time, if they’re at all active on Twitter they will have followed you back and will start engaging with you. If they’re not, then move on. The big benefit is that your feed become active with likes and retweets relevant to your industry and ultimately your end audience.”

About Jeremy Rivera: Jeremy Rivera is Nashville’s SEO Guy. With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, he’s a wealth of knowledge in online conversion, SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns. Jeremy focuses on changing the way businesses see digital marketing. Follow Jeremy on twitter @Jeremyriveraseo.

Andy Crestodina“Twitter is crowded so give it everything you’ve got! Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your tweet by adding some or all of these…

  • A second headline
  • A number
  • A question
  • Special characters
  • Hashtags
  • Mentions of anyone related to the tweet (this is the most important and effective)

Here’s an example:


About Andy Cresodina: Andy Crestodina is a cofounder and the strategic director of Orbit Media Studios, an award-winning web design company, which has completed more than 1,000 successful website projects. He is a top-rated speaker at national conferences who is dedicated to the teaching of marketing. Find Andy on twitter @Crestodina.

Chris Makara“Don’t reinvent the wheel and be smart with your time spent on social media. For example:

  1. Leverage a tool like Bulkly to import your past 100 social media updates sent by Buffer. Trim out the posts that aren’t evergreen and set up Bulkly to recycle your updates for you automatically on Twitter.
  2. Get on the radar of other influencers by sharing their content. You can automate influencer outreach by following this process.
  3. Another way you can be smart with your time spent on social media is by using RSS feeds to create social media content for you. And I’m not talking about only sharing the most recent RSS item a single time. Here’s how to create a never ending supply of social media updates from RSS feeds.
  4. And if you really want to be smart with your time, I have tons of Twitter automation tips and tricks outlined in this blog post.

In the end, the time you save with automation will give you to spend more time engaging on social media instead of scrambling to find content to share.”

About Chris Makara: Chris is a digital and social media marketing expert. Since 2003, he has a focus on SEO, Social Media, Automation & Analytics. He is the founder of Bulkly, a social media automation tool for individuals and small businesses. Find Chris on twitter @Chrismakara.

Katherine Sullivan“People on Twitter love to chat so if you’re looking for engagement, ask them an open ended question and prompt them to respond with a call to action! Make it EASY for them with simple questions.

Here’s an example: Which one do you like better? Color or Black & White? (This gives them a simple answer to respond with)

mrs kat tweet

Another one is to ask them to reply with a GIF. Ask a question and call them to action with “Drop a GIF below if you agree” – sit back and watch the engagement roll in.”

About Katherine Sullivan: Kat is the founder of Marketing Solved. She is a Business, Marketing and Social Media expert and helps businesses get more leads. Follow Kat on twitter @Mrskatsulli.

Syed Balkhi“We like to tweet out a mix of our own blog posts along with other people’s content that’s relevant to our industry. The ratio we have right now is 50/50 our content vs. other’s content. We’ll also repeat our content so we could post one of our blog posts one day and repeat it again in a couple of weeks.”

About Syed Balki: Syed is an award-winning entrepreneur with a strong 8 figure online business. He is the cofounder of OptinMonster. He now teaches entrepreneurs how to build businesses.Find him on twitter @Syedbalkhi.

Sam Hurley“Sam Hurley’s ‘List & GIF’ Technique!

This is one of my personal tactics that applies Twitter Lists and animated GIFs, great for strengthening existing bonds and creating new ones. GIFs are incredibly pleasing and viral in nature – people love to receive and share them. They spread happiness! Here’s one I made earlier:

1. Choose a suitable list name and select whether you want others to be able to see your list or not (for this particular usage, I’d suggest a ‘Private’ list):

2. Regularly send each person a different GIF with a lovely message, and watch your engagement dramatically increase! [Continually add a good mix of peeps to your list!] 😍”

About Sam Hurley: Sam is the founder of Optim Eyez. He holds a fluent understanding of Digital Marketing and went From ‘Nobody’ to #1 Marketing Influencer in 15 Months (Without a Website). Connect with Sam on LinkedIn and on twitter @Sam___hurley.

ali rand“After you publish your latest blog post, pin it to Twitter so it’ll get more views and not get lost.”

About Ali Rand: Ali Rand is a blogger Get more clients by turning your unprofessional and lackluster website into an impressive and strategic one. Follow Ali of Twitter via @alirandweb

 caffeinated blogger“I like to tweet my latest YouTube videos. This achieves several goals: it gives a social signal to YouTube about my video, helps my followers find my latest video, and keeps me front-of-mind for my audience.”

About Greg Kononenko: Greg is the mind behind Caffeinated Blogger where he teaches bloggers how to start a niche site and get thousands of traffic without paid advertisements. Find Greg on twitter @Caffblogger.

simon zaku“TWITTER THREADS!!!

Twitter thread is now the thing on twitter. People are tired of single tweets that end up getting lost in Twitter’s stream; creative tweet ideas are the only things cutting through now.

Summarise a huge idea and discuss it in a Twitter thread. People will definitely love it and it’ll keep them 2X more engaged.

Not sure how it can help?

Ciara used a single twitter thread to gain over 20,000 followers and also 10x her traffic. Saaay wwhaaattt???!

That was exactly what I said when I came across Guan’s blog post (via pinterest).

Aside gettng s of traffic and followers, I went through Ciara’s. “Miracle” Twitter thread and the thread also got a ton of engagements.

I’ve also personally started trying and testing Twitter threads and have seen great results too so expect a post from me real soon 😉

If you want to have a feel of what and how Twitter threads look like l, here’s one I did on my twitter page:

About Simon Zaku: Simon is the owner of this blog, simonzaku.com and he basically helps new bloggers get thousands of traffic and hundreds of leads within a month or two of blogging. Grab his free ebook here! Find him on twitter via @s_zakuu.


There are numerous tweet ideas that can help you grow your twitter account fast but the thing is…


What you need to do is to keep trying different tweet ideas you come across to see which one resonates with your audience.

Tweet Ideas differ from your type of audience which is the key thing here. Keep trying different tweet ideas till you find what works for you.

Have any questions? Hit me in the comments section let’s discuss 🙂


How I Get Top Blogging Influencers to Tweet My Blog Posts Every Single Time

How to Make Verified Users Follow You on Twitter (for bloggers) – STEP BY STEP!

Twitter for Bloggers: 7 Strategic Ways to Generate 10+ Content Ideas to Blog About (in Minutes)

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Hi, I'm Simon Zaku and I teach bloggers how to generate thousands of traffic & hundreds of leads using Twitter. On the other hand, I work with marketing agencies to manage their twitter helping them generate leads and traffic :)

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Janice Wald

Hi Simon!
Great tips! I followed some of them as I read this. Thanks for including me. Off to share!

Ryan Biddulph

Rocking list of pro advice here Simon! Love it all. I say, keep on engaging, keep on tweeting, keep on chatting and you will succeed on Twitter. Long term game like thru any social channel.