I Use & Recommend These!

People often ask me what I use or recommend in business. The following list contains tools I use, resources I recommend and things I’ve created. I hope you find it helpful!

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’m affiliated with some of these tools hence I get rewarded whenever I recommend users like you. For more details, please check out my disclosure page 🙂

Social Media Tools I Highly Recommend You to Use

Buffer – I’ve been using buffer since day 1 and still use it. It’s my number 1 go-to tool for all my social media automation tasks.

I love how simple buffer is. If you hate sophisticated analytics but love something simple but cool dashboards then buffer is the right one for you.

I pay $15 monthly for buffer. Totally worth every penny!

Commun.it – Commun.it is a one off tool you need to grow your twitter account, manage your Facebook and LinkedIn communities. I personally haven’t used commun.it to manage my Facebook and LinkedIn but it’s my goto for twitter.

What I love about commun.it?

Saves a lot of time, tells you accounts to follow, inactive accounts to unfollow, suggests tweets to reply and best times to tweet.

I use Commun.it’s free plan (which is absolutely okay) but you can upgrade to a paid plan if you need more features like the number of accounts you can follow/unfollow etc.

SmarterQueue – SQ is a social media management and automation tool. Most bloggers use these tools to load “share queues” with their blog content (and other people’s content), to pre-schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

What I love about SmarterQueue is it’s evergreen automation feature. You get to schedule your blog posts once and SmarterQueue will continually repost it on your social media channels without you having to do it.

Pretty cool and absolutely recommended!

Tweetdeck – helps you manage your twitter accounts on a single dashboard so you don’t have to be switching from one tab to another. Tweetdeck will save you a lot of time from twitter.

Here’s what TweetDeck looks like; (make a gif of TweetDeck dashboard. Think about making gifs for all of them)

Twitcount – Twitcount is a free social media tool for Bloggers to display or regain your twitter share counts. If you want your twitter share count back, then you should head over to Twitcount, sign in with your twitter account then authorize.

Get your code and paste it in the header section of your website or blog. I use Headers and footers WordPress plugin to add codes easily.

Twitcount is only compatible with four (4) social share tools which are; SUMO, Addthis, Shareaholic and Jetpack

Crowdfire – Crowdfire is a social media app that takes care of everything social. It doesn’t only help you manage and grow your social media following but also recommends targeted content for you.

When you sign up for Crowdfire, you get to select your category/niche, this way, you’ll only see content that matches your niche.

Crowdfire is also free but also has other paid plans. You can stick with the free plan except you want to do more like schedule more posts daily, add more social media accounts and many more.

Highly recommended app for bloggers, vloggers and business owners.

Mashshare – Social share plugin for WordPress users. One thing I love about Mashshare is how responsive it is at displaying share buttons and share counts.

Absolutely recommended.

Agorapulse – AgoraPulse covers basically everything you could possibly need for social media marketing, monitoring, and management. Focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram currently.

I love everything about agorapulse except for the fact that I feel it’s a little bit clustered. I mean too many things on one dashboard. This is from my own point of view as a lot of people prefer tools that provide sophisticated analytics, features and more.

I prefer tools that are as simple as possible.

Thus if you want to manage your social media accounts with every feature possible on one dashboard then agorapulse is for you.

As mentioned previously, AgoraPulse is affordable for the small business. It costs as little as $19 a month for a small business that wants to manage one Facebook Page and Twitter account. This pricing can change depending on the AgoraPulse plan you choose.

AgoraPulse has a free trial option so individuals can try out this system before purchasing a plan. The trial lasts 15 days and allows you to try all the features so individuals get a true feel.

Managefilter – ManageFilter is a twitter management tool that offers far more than just tweet scheduling. What this tool does is it helps you to grow your twitter page easily.

You don’t need to set out time to find accounts to follow/unfollow, ManageFilter does this for you and that’s one reason I love it.

When you sign up for a ManageFlitter account, you’ll immediately see your dashboard and a Manage tab where you get lots of information about your Twitter followers.

This includes users you follow who are not following you back, users without profile images (spam or fake accounts), inactive users, influential users and the list goes on.

So of you’re looking for a social media management tool that helps with mass follow/unfollow to grow your twitter then ManageFilter is for you.

Better click to tweet – Better click to tweet is a free wordpress plugin that I use to insert click-to-tweets in my blog articles. Incase you don’t know, click-to-tweets are tweet-able quotes linked from your blog posts to increase more share and traffic.

Evernote – Seriously, I don’t know where I’ll be in my business without Evernote. I use it for everything. I use Evernote when I write blog Posts, take notes down, during webinars and many more.

One thing I absolutely love about Evernote is that it is accessible on all devices. So when you create your account, you can access your notes on any device at anytime.