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Should I Setup a Twitter Account for My Online Store Business? (What No One Tells You!)

Should I Setup a Twitter Account for My Online Store Business? (What No One Tells You!)

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If you’re on this page, then you probably have an online store (or you work with one) and you’re not yet sure why your business should be on twitter. You’re not yet sure signing up for this platform would do your business nothing rather than add a bunch load of tweeting time to your calendar.

If you arrived on my page through Google then you’ve skipped a bunch of other articles or haven’t really gotten the best reason you should sign up and market your store on twitter. So in this (quite short) post, I’d like to go through some of the reasons your online store should be on twitter.

The short answer is YES, you need to setup a twitter account for your store.

If you’re being honest with yourself, you probably started marketing your business on social media after you heard (watched or read) about how one business got X amount of traffic, leads or sales from these platforms. Or you read about an entrepreneur who’s crushing it and generating tons of traffic to his store from Facebook. But it’s a little different when it comes to marketing on Twitter.

If you want to market your store on twitter, you shouldn’t sign up for the traffic.

You shouldn’t sign up for the leads either!

You also shouldn’t sign up for the sales!!

Unlike the thousands of articles, I wouldn’t want to sugar-coat twitter by saying it’ll give you 1,000’s of visits to your online store or generate you 100’s of leads per day. I’ll be lying! So you might be wondering, what then should be the reason you should sign up a twitter account for your store? (And why does it even matter?)

Read On…

The 2 Most Important Reasons Your Online Store Should Have a Twitter Account

  1. To build a community of raving fans for your business.
  2. For customer support (or interaction).

All other benefits fall under these two. Want to get loads of twitter traffic to your store? Focus on building a community. Want to get sales from twitter? Build a community of happy customers that’ll tell their friends about your products. Don’t worry I’ll explain exactly how these work and how you can go about setting up and growing your store’s brand using twitter.

On Twitter, How Does Building a Community of Fans & Customer Support Increase Traffic & Sales to Your Store?

On social media, it’s all about fans. Every successful social media influencer has a fan base of people who get excited about virtually anything they post. In other words, fans are the pillars to your success on not just twitter but any social media platform.

Luckily for stores like yours, twitter was built in a way you’d easily grow this fan base of ‘hungry’ people waiting to defy each content you tweet. Some of the features that make building a community for your store on twitter are;

Twitter’s News-like Nature Allows Easy Communication between Brands, Customers and Fans: Unlike any other social media network, twitter’s unique news-like nature aids easy transportation of information to users. The platform’s 280 characters gives this unique nature making it super easy to tweet out short headlines that communicate with users on the go. This way, your company could easily tweet out interesting products updates, new products arrivals or even behind the scenes content to grab the attention of your target customers.

Twitter’s Hashtag Feature Allows 2X More Effective Discussions than Any Other Social Network: Unless you’re below 5 years old, you probably know that the hashtag feature began on twitter and is still the most effective. In fact, research proves that including a few hashtags in your tweets will give it a boost in performance (in terms of reach and engagements) unlike Facebook which might likely affect your posts’ performance negatively.

Hashtags are like communities where users discuss specific topics by using different hashtags. In fact, companies (like yours) now leverage this unique feature to hold periodic chats once in a while.

Lots of these hashtag discussions are targeted meaning they’re topics that are talked about by your target market. This feature lets your store reach a bigger audience of users which can turn into happy fans, followers or even customers; in other words, a community.

Twitter’s @Reply & Retweet Feature Allows Smooth To & Fro Interaction Between Companies and Their Fans: Twitter’s nature allows one of the easiest to & fro interactions between users. This is an advantage to your customers and users as they’ll have easier access to asking questions or giving feedbacks about your store’s products. These features also help you to connect with your fans on a more effective and personal level. For example, you could retweet your customers’ nice tweets about your brand.

Twitter’s Advertising Allows Your Store to Reach A bigger but Targeted Audience: Twitter Ads can help build your following from zero to thousands really quickly. The platform’s targeting & retargeting Ad feature could make reaching your target customers the easiest task you’ll ever complete. You could also build engagements, generate traffic and even sales. Here are a few links you’d find useful:

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Vodafone India boosts consumer engagement through cricket & a brand mascot emoji

#SimplyPerfect: how Patrón Tequila drove interest in its Bot-Tender chatbot

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Twitter’s Support Features Allows a Smooth Interaction Between You and Your Customers: After signing up a twitter account for your online store, you could easily switch to a business profile which exposes your account to support features to make your twitter experience great. You can turn on the DM feature (where any user can contact you within seconds) and also display time intervals when your company is open to customer support.

Twitter’s Friendly Nature Allows You to Create a Separate Account Specifically for Customer Complaints/Support: Aside from the support features you get from switching to a business profile, you can also create a separate account just for customer complaints. This account’s handle is usually placed in the parent account’s bio so users are easily directed there.

Twitter’s 280 Characters is a +1 as Your Company Can Tell Better and More Captivating Stories (Content) that Grab Users’ Attention.

To back this up, here are a few studies to help you understand the value of building a community through effective communication:

77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to.

54% of users surveyed by Twitter reported that they had taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in Tweets (including visiting their websites, searching for the brand, or retreating content).

60% of consumers expect brands to respond to their query within the hour, but the average is 1 hour 24 minutes.

76% of consumers are likely to recommend the brand following friendly service.

Companies using Twitter for customer service see a 19% lift in customer satisfaction.

Knowing the advantages of setting up a twitter account for your online store, how then do you grow that community of happy fans and customers that’ll always spread the good news about your brand?

How Do I Build a Twitter Community of Fans for my Ecommerce Store?

Here are a few tips to start with after setting up your store’s twitter presence;

Always Reply Users within 1 hour of Sending their Complaints: Customer support is not just about being an expert at communication or an expert at customer service; it’s also about how fast you handle these complaints. Twitter research says replying within 1 hour is the best way to go!

Make it a Priority to Always Reply Users No Matter How Harsh They Might Sound: In fact, replying to angry or sad customers should be your top priority as they can build or destroy your brand.

Be Friendly & Personal: When engaging with users, you should be able to interact as if you were talking to a close friend. You should always engage in ways that’ll encourage more users to interact with you. Being real & human is what this platform is all about.

Retweet Happy Customers: I’ve noticed that a bunch of happy customers now go on twitter to say nice things about brands they purchase from. Always retweet and reply these tweets with sweet thanks-you’s. These can encourage customers to buy again and again (and again).

Excite Your Fans/Followers with Free Stuffs: Free stuffs like discount codes, free content, special products, product announcements, quizzes and contests.

Have a Branded Hashtag and Promote: Having a specific brand hashtag for your brand can make this whole process of growing a twitter community twice easier. I’ve seen a couple of brands use this strategy. All you need to do is to come up with a hashtag keyword (mostly your store’s name) then insert in your tweets, bio, images and even other platforms and encourage the use of this hashtag whenever users want to connect with your store.

Tweet Regularly and Consistently!

Author: Simon Zaku

Simon Zaku is the Founder of He is a Twitter Marketing Specialist Focused on Helping Product-Based Businesses (like online stores) & Blogging Brands (companies that blog) Start, Build and Grow their Twitter Brands through Effective Profile Management. You Can Contact Simon via for a 30-day Free Trial on his Twitter Management & Growth Service.

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    Right Simon.. Twitter is a must have platform for every business as well as individual brands.. And yes when a brand reply to someone's question or acquisition, the brand and business sounds legit and trustworthy. Apart from that all the aspects you have already described beautifully. Great post. ✌️
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