How to Make Influential Bloggers (in your niche) Follow You on Twitter – STEP BY STEP!

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Hey you, good day and thank you so much for visiting my website. Before you jump to today’s meat-y post, two quick things I always tell my visitors;

  • Read this post to the end,
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GOAL: In this post, I’m going to teach YOU the one thing every blogger, entrepreneur, teacher and every other business on twitter should know.

Getting the top-dogs to follow your profile!

I don’t know if it’s only me but I kind of feel accomplished whenever an influencer in my niche follows me.

Aside all the great feelings that come with influential followers, you also know well that the top-dogs get to see your tweets in their feeds. You’re not just publishing content that your target audience sees but also the big guys in your niche.

The strategies I’m going to reveal here are ones that have helped me;

  • Get over 200 verified accounts following me (most of which came 2 months after I started this blog).
  • Get 2,200 accounts with 10,000 and above (up to a million) followers each to follow me.
  • Get hundreds of top blogging influencers like Sam Hurley, Rebekah Radice, Lisa Sicard, Ryan Biddulph, Keith Keller, Ian Cleary, Chris Makara and many others to follow me.

I use a free tool, SocialRank to determine these stats.

PS: Please note that I originally wrote this post on Lisa Sicard’s InspiretoThrive blog late last year so I decided to do a more updated one since new tools and strategies have emerged. Check out the original post here.

You might be wondering “how do I get influential twitter accounts to follow me on twitter?”, “what verified twitter accounts will follow me?” OR you might be Googling “verified twitter accounts that follow back”.

How to Make Influential Bloggers Follow You on Twitter

How to make verified users follow you on Twitter

No worries, in this post I’ll show you exactly how to get these users to follow your twitter account without having to follow any short-cut or crooks method.

Without wasting much time, let’s jump to it…

How to Make Influential Bloggers Follow You on Twitter – 12 Effective Strategies to Use (2018)

If you’ve read the initial post, you’ll notice I outlined two (2 basic steps to getting influential followers on twitter. These are 1) Getting a well optimized profile and 2) Attracting your target influencers).

It’s a pretty good strategy I’ve been using for more than a year now and it’s been working fine.

Today, we’ll be looking at a more strategic approach to this. I’ll be including another step; Increasing your followers. This is to get as many verified users or influencers to follow your account.

But Simon, why do I need to increase my followers?

Well, it’s simply to look legit!

Twitter users now follow people (they don’t know) based on the number of followers they have. I wouldn’t blame users because there are a lot of fake accounts created and abandoned. No verified user would want to follow those.

The crowd-effect is a true psychological phenomena. When visitors see that your twitter page has thousands of followers, they will be more likely to become a follower of your page as well than if you had very few followers.

If your twitter account is active, you’d get a reasonable amount of followers but if you’re not active on the platform then your following could easily tell thus verified users would hardly follow.

Basically, I’ll show you strategies to get more verified users to follow you. Breaking down the steps, we get these (don’t worry I’ll be walking you down each and every step in detail);

  1. Getting a Profile that Influencers want to see.
  2. Increasing your followers.
  3. Attracting influencers right to your twitter profile.

Step 1: Getting a Profile that Influencers Love to Follow

The first step to getting influencers to follow your account is to give them exactly what they want. Getting your twitter account complete and professional cuts it.

Why do influencers love complete & professional profiles?

I probably wouldn’t know the answer but I know that you as a business owner wouldn’t want to follow any account like this;

fake twitter account.

Celebrities or influencers would never follow an account like this (except of course if they use an auto-follow tool). Now here’s how to create a complete an optimized twitter profile in 2018…

First step is to get a complete profile (getting all basics in place).

To get your twitter profile complete, you have to ensure you upload or fill out whatever twitter tells you to. These are;

Your name, profile image, wall image, location and a bio!

YOUR NAME: This should be your full business name. Use 3 names (first, middle & last names) if you normally do or you can use 2 if you’re popular (or want to be popularly known) with just 2 (first & last or middle names).

In my case, I was going to use just my name and surname because that’s what my blog name and domain was going to be. This way, people can easily remember you and don’t have to run multiple searches to find your account.

If you’ve setup your twitter with a different name you can easily change that. Just head over to your twitter profile and click on Edit Profile and change your name to the desired one.

Another thing to note is you can also use your brand name instead of your personal name. Your twitter would bear your brand name and not yours.

For instance if you run a blog, Backlinko, your twitter name would be Backlinko.

YOUR PROFILE IMAGE is where I see a lot of bloggers make mistakes. Your profile image should be a headshot image.

A professional looking one at that!

I got my shots taken by a professional photographer but you can use your iPhone to take really good shots that represent your brand well.

You should try as much as possible to stay away from selfies and snapchat filters.

YOUR WALL IMAGE: I literally got my wall image on for less than $15 (PLUS my logo).

Don’t use un-professional photos on your wall; influencers will NEVER follow you.

You could get a designer to create a Wall Image that explains what your business or blog is about, your logo, tagline or even a quote you personally love (it’s absolutely okay). Just makes sure it prostrates exactly the message you want visitors to get when they visit your profile.

It should also be of great quality!

Here are some examples to get inspirations:

my twitter profile @s_zakuu

Sam Hurley even got something unique…

san hurley twitter

YOUR LOCATION: Let users know where you or your business is located.

I noticed a lot of twitter users don’t care about location because no one seems to notice them. It’s absolutely true but influencers are professionals in their fields hence they take every little thing serious.

When your location tab shows your business location, influencers know they’re dealing with someone real.

YOUR BIO: When writing up a bio for any social media account or website, there are three key things you should always put into consideration. Mind you, your twitter bio is always the first things influencers will look through (I don’t care what any study says) when they visit your profile.

They get a feel of who you are and why they should care and probably follow you.

If it’s not professional, trust me they will never follow you. Yes, unless they use some sort of automation tools to automate their twitter follows & unfollows.

To get the perfect bio, you should put into consideration;

  • Who you are & what you do.
  • Where you’ve appeared on (guest posts, interviews …)
  • Website link (domain).

Who you are/what you do: let users know why you setup your account. Specify what you do and exactly how you’ll help them. I use WIIFT (What’s In It For Them?) method for this.

Where you’ve appeared: Display credibility by letting users know where your by-lines have appeared on.

Think about the top podcasts you’ve been a guest on, the top blogs & publications you’ve written on or round ups where you participated. You can also mention awards and accomplishments within your bio.

For instance: “Best Australian blogger by (insert company that awarded you) in 2018!” OR “I took my blog from A-Z traffic in just 3 months; learn how: (insert link)”.

Your website: Make sure you use your blog’s domain URL and not some funny links that look SPAMMY. Also stay away from shortened links like

You can also link to your blog’s about page or a landing page in your twitter URL space.

Step 2: Increasing your followers.

I wouldn’t talk much on this step because I already have a pretty comprehensive guide on how you can grow your twitter followers to your first or next 1,000. The guide features over 60 actionable tactics to increase your twitter following.

It pretty much covers a lot and I’m certain you will grab a few strategies and insights from the post. Here’s the link:

Get Twitter Followers Fast (in 2018): 68 Actionable Tactics to Get 1,000 Twitter Followers (Updated)!

Step 3: Attracting Influencers Right to Your Twitter Profile.

Getting your twitter profile ready is only half of the job. Influencers wouldn’t just jump on your twitter page magically, they need a reason to. That’s what this step is about.

I’ll be revealing some of the best ways to get them to visit your now well-optimized twitter profile.

How to Attract Verified Users to your Twitter Page

Here goes the list:

The First Step is to follow them first

I’d advise you to always follow influencers first before expecting them to follow back. Only in very rare cases will you get followed by an influencer you don’t follow.

How important is this step?

It caused me a lot. I’ll explain…

About a year ago when I was putting together my expert round post about twitter automation, I reached out to well over 500 influencers in blogging and social media marketing space. Out of all the reach outs, I had 2 of them who replied me saying;

“Look, Simon. Stop emailing me because I can’t help someone that doesn’t even follow me on twitter”

Influencers check your social media pages to see if you engage with them. Make sure you follow them on all their main or active social media channels before hoping they’d follow you back.

Share Content from Those Influencers

After you’ve followed them on Twitter, it’s time to take a leap and start getting them to notice your presence. You easily do this by sharing their blog content.

You could easily visit their blogs, websites or even YouTube channels to find great articles to tweet.

Here’s the thing;

Your tweet could easily get lost in the stream of hundreds or thousands of other twitter mentions influencers get. For example, my first blog post has gotten over 3,000 shares on twitter alone. That is to say it has gotten tweeted over 3,000 times.

NOTE: the post has done over 6,000 shares in total already. Join my newsletter and learn exactly how you can replicate this result on your blog.

Hidden Content

Your tweet could easily get lost in my notifications tab which brings the question;

“How can I send tweets that stand out and grab influencers attention?”

To be able to grab influencers attention, you need to send your tweets in a unique and different way. Send your tweets from a different angle or perspective.

I’m going to show you the 1 trick I use to send tweets that almost always gets influencers to reply me

Here’s it: when tweeting out their blog posts, tweet something you don’t like about the article or video. Let them know the article helped you but tweet about where they would have touched but they didn’t.

Let them know what you wanted to be discussed in the article but wasn’t. By doing this, your tweet will stand out from the thousands of other users that just hit the twitter share button and share.

Invite them for a Round Up Post on Your Blog

Acknowledge influencers and invite them to participate in your expert round up. Let them know why and how they’re going to participate.

One quick technique I realised (late) is to let them know which top experts have already participated in your round up. Send them a nice and simple tweet asking them the best way to reach them.

Influencers absolutely love polite reach outs.

So for example, I want to reach out to Ryan Biddulph of blogging from paradise, here’s a simple template I could use;

“Heyo, Ryan! Thanks for the retweet (like or follow). Btw, I’m putting together a list of top twitter tools in 2018 and I’d like you to participate and share with us what tools you use 🙂 What’s the best way to reach you? @ryanbiddulph”

When I was starting out, I was sending simpler tweets which did well too. Make a few edits and hit’em.

Feature Influencers in your Blog Posts

This might sound a little bit the same as the strategy above but it’s different and it’s way easier too.

You don’t have to ask for anything neithher will you have to wait for them to send you their round up contributions. Just feature them in your blog posts and simply let them know on twitter.

You do this by tagging them in your tweets.

This is the same strategy I used to get a reply and retweet from Noah Kagan, founder of SUMOme.

There are several ways you can feature them. Some of which are;

  • Link to their posts.
  • Mention their products.
  • Quote them.
  • Review their products/services and the list goes on…

I prefer to link to them, quote them or mention their products because I wouldn’t have time to review their products or services (which is usually a whole blog post).

Find their twitter handle and let them know you mentioned or quoted them in the article. Here’s an example of one I did;

Find People they Chat with the most and Connect with them

One of the best ways to reach influencers is by connecting with their friends first. You don’t just hit them up directly but go through their friends first.

I wouldn’t like to refer to it as “going through their friends” but rather joining conversations where both the influencer and his/her friend are participating in.

This strategy makes you & your twitter account look genuine.

When you find conversations that influencers are part, you can easily join in and start contributing. This way, the influencer will never think you’re up to something.

There are two simple steps to going finding and joining relevant twitter conversations on twitter;

  1. Finding who your influencers engage with the most. I use a free tool Twitonomy to find users influencers engage with the most.
  2. Finding relevant conversations to join.

How to Find Twitter Users Influencers (or any Twitter User) Engage with the Most?

Twitonomy is the one tool you need here (please let me know if you know of any other tool). All you need to do is head over to and sign in with your twitter account then authorize.

Once authorized, you’d be on your account dashboard. Enter the twitter handle of the influencer in the search bar and hit enter to search.

You’d be taken this analytics dashboard (below). Scroll down to “users most replied to” and “users most mentioned” section.


Pick 3-5 twitter users from the list. For this post, I’ll show you an example with just 1 user; let’s go with the first user under users most replied to which is @shruti12d (Shruti Deshpande).

Before I show you how to how to find relevant conversations between Sam Hurley and Shruti Deshpande, there are 3 basic things I always look out for when deciding which user to pick.

  • Is also related to what you do. You don’t want to start having conversations with someone in a different niche.
  • Doesn’t have a huge following. This is so because you can easily start conversations with users with less following.
  • Is already following you (Not necessary though)

Shruti Deshpande, @shruti12d is in the marketing niche (same with me), has just 2,241 followers PLUS has been replied to by Sam Hurley 37 times which is perfect.

Now visit Twitter Advanced Search and insert the following spaces with their twitter handles (as I’ve done below) and search.

twitter advanced search

Find replies that you can join in conveniently. For example, I could reply this (below) with something like;

“Awesome guide here. I just went through the article and I think (insert what you think about the article. Be specific). What’d you think, Shrutti?”

Add them to an Exclusive Experts-Only Twitter Lists

This is a pretty new strategy I just came across few days ago and I think it’s worth showing you guys.

Adding users to twitter lists shouldn’t be new to you as twitter introduced lists long long time ago. I’ll be showing you how to leverage this twitter feature to your advantage and attract verified accounts to your page.

What’s with this “twitter lists”, Simon?

Well, twitter users get notified when you add them to a general twitter list. I’m bolding general twitter lists because users won’t be notified when you add them to a private twitter list because it’s going to be accessible by you alone.

Create an exclusive experts only general list and add them to it. Please only add a few verified (or huge) twitter influencers or experts in your niche. Keep it anywhere 10-15; this will make them know how you value what they create or publish.

To create a general twitter list and add influencers, simply head over to “Lists” under your profile THEN “Create a new list”. Put in the name and description.

twitter lists

Quote them in Tweets

Quoting influential bloggers or experts are more effective than you can imagine; they love it when you do. It shows you love and appreciate their content.

It shows you’re a fan and you love their content. If they produce video content, manually quote and tweet what they said that you love, truly believe or resonate with.

Here’s a typical example of how this strategy could help you.

Sometimes back I used this strategy and got social media and customer care expert, Dan Gingiss to connect with me and even shared one of my blog posts on twitter.

Here’s how I did it;

I came across Dan Gingiss’s post on twitter and read it. I loved the piece so I quoted a part I loved the most. Dan replied my tweet saying thanks!

Using buffer, I scheduled some of Dan’s posts that I read and Dan continually engaged with them.

 Dan gingiss quote twitter

He was glad I loved his content and was sharing them with my followers so he decided to check my blog too and shared my post about twitter automation. Here’s the tweet;

simon and dan tweet

It’s all about a win-win strategy. Show them some love, and you’ll get love in return.

PS: If you use this strategy and you get some results be sure to hit me up.

Recommend them to People

Another great way to get influencers looking straight at your twitter account or your business is to tag their profiles whenever people ask niche related questions. This shows you’ve not only consumed their content but you also see them as an expert thus recommended them to people who needed answers regarding what they do.

If the influencer notices the mention then there are high hopes he’d want to connect with you too.

Ask for the Follow

At this level, you would have built a solid foundation with the influencer you have in mind. Hitting the nail and asking (politely) for a follow back wouldn’t sound rude or desperate.

I’ve used it myself a couple of times and it worked (but sometimes it didn’t).

If you’re too scared to ask for a follow back probably because you won’t want to sound or look pushy then I have one secret hack for you. I’ve seen a few users use it but not intentionally and I thought “oh that would be a great way to get influential follows”.

The thing I love about this strategy is that;

  • It’s never talked about.
  • The influencer would never see you as being pushy.
  • And it literally takes zero effort (just a single tweet).

But here’s the thing…

I’m only revealing this secret hack to my subscribers only so click this link (below) and fill in your details and I will email you your free strategy (no downloads, it’ll be in the email I’ll send you) immediately.

Hidden Content

Conclusion: What Do You Think? Let Me Know In the Comments Section.

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Lisa Sicard

Hi Simon, Excellent job on this follow up post. Thanks for the mention in the piece as well 🙂
It still amazes me how many business people have protected accounts on Twitter. Or they don’t have a real photo STILL! I think quoting your tweets when sharing others content is really key to having others get to know you on the network. Excellent tips Simon and I’m loving the new look of your blog as well! Have a great day and new week ahead.