How I Became Friends With 100+ Popular Bloggers In One Year

How Would you Feel when your Favorite Influencer Tweets Out your Blog Post?

Don’t rush to answer, just think about that one top influencer in your space with hundreds of thousands of followers or even millions.

Mine is Neil Patel!

You’ll be super, super, super excited, yeah?


When I was starting to blog, I knew I had to get influencers to tweet my blog posts so I could reach more people, grow my email list and make money from my blog.

I had one problem…

I didn’t know how to get them to notice my blog:(

As a blogger, you’ll be familiar with this if;

  • You’ve been trying to increase your traffic.
  • You want to get more shares, pins and tweets on your posts.

It can be extremely frustrating to get an influencer to notice your blog.

Sometimes you be like “I KNOW THEY’LL LOVE MY ARTICLESbut the just NEVER see them.

You try tagging them in your tweets, sharing their blog posts and even replying to their newsletter emails hopping to get noticed by them.

It’s a lot of hard work AND I’VE BEEN THERE!

I wanted to get influencers to appreciate my work. I wanted them to at least see my articles and maybe get feedbacks from them.

But hell NO!

  • I couldn’t get them to reply my tweets.
  • I couldn’t get them to notice me through blog comments on their blogs.
  • I couldn’t get them to notice my poor emails.
  • And worst of all, I couldn’t get them to at least check out my blog posts.

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Amy Marohl
Blogger, Needed In the Home.

I started thinking of the best possible ways to get influencers to see my tweets, retweet them and even reply.

I kept seeing other bloggers like me, getting replies from top bloggers in my space but it seemed, I JUST WASN’T MEANT TO BE NOTICED!

One day, I decided to try something different so I emailed Adam Connell of, testing a new strategy I just thought about.

That strategy I used led to your boy, Simon getting connected to 2 top influencers in my blogging space!

I was so glad it worked thus I decided to keep using the new strategy.

I then used it for the 2nd time and BOOM! I was friends with 3 more influencers…

Saay whhaaattt!!!???

I needed to confirm that it would work again and again, so I tried it for the third time and guess what?

I was friends with 10 new TOP INFLUENCERS in my niche.

In less than a week, I was literally friends with 15 (top) influencers. I started conversing with them; they were replying me…

I got fortunate enough to get them to read my blog posts AND EVEN TWEET THEM!

This were people I saw and still see as IDOLS.

A year ago, if you told me that I would be friends with these great people I’ll more than laugh so hard at you because…

  • They used to never like my poor tweets.
  • They used to never pay attention to anything I was doing.
  • They used to ignore and probably delete my annoying emails in their inbox.

Sounds like you?

If YES then I want to tell you there’s an easy way to go about this.

It’s pretty easy, anyone could start leveraging the method right away. I mean minutes after reading it.

In fact, I used this same strategy to get connected to over 100 top bloggers in a span of 1 year running this blog.

Think bloggers like, Rebekah Radice, Mark Schaefer, Sam Hurley, Robbie Richards, Mary Fern, Adam Connell, Katherine Sullivan, Keith Keller, Samantha Kelly, Madalyn Sklar, Evan Carmichael, Donna Moritz, Janice Wald, Lilach Bullock, Aaron Orendorff and many more…

This relationships has led to…

  • 6,000 social shares on my first blog post.
  • Tweets from all the influencers mentioned above and many more.
  • 100 email subscribers from just my first blog post.
  • 1,000’s of blog traffic within few weeks of launching this blog.

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"He applies this to bloggers, but I think this could be applied in other business situations as well. My favorite idea is saving the blogger time with the links idea. You will have to read that section to see what I mean."

“You may delay, but time will not.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

simon zaku