Get Twitter Followers Fast (in 2018): 68 Actionable Tactics to Get 1,000 Twitter Followers (Updated)!

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“How do I get twitter followers fast in 2018?” You ask!

You’ve read a ton of marketing articles, used a ton of twitter automation tools and also watched so many videos on tactics to get twitter followers but all never seem to work.

You’ve asked questions like;

“Why won’t my Twitter followers count go up?”, “What twitter tactics or strategies yield the fastest results?”, “How would I grow a Twitter follower base from 0 to 1k?” and many more!

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place…

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Get Twitter Followers FAST 2018

So in this guide, I’ll be sharing with you everything I’ve learnt about growing your twitter following (fast!).

(Prior to this post, I reached out to a few brands to contribute which led to words from social media giants like Quuu and SocialQuant on how they grew their twitter to 10,000+ & 100,000+ respectively. (Click to navigate).

Get Twitter Followers Fast (in 2018): 68 Actionable Tactics to Get 1,000 More Follows!

To make this post easily digestible for you, I went ahead to break it down into chunks (which are navigable). This post includes how to get 1,000 followers by (click to navigate);


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1: Follow Every Genuine Follower Back.

One of the first twitter secrets I’ll always tell you about twitter is to follow every (real) user back.

“A good percent of twitter users will follow you to get a follow back”

A good percent of twitter users will follow you to get a follow back by @s_zakuu Click To Tweet

In fact, according to this little, quick twitter experiment, about 20-25% of twitter users you follow will follow you back even without sending out any tweet or engaging with any tweet/user.

Growing your twitter following is a mix of two things which are; getting users to hit the follow button & making sure they don’t hit that follow button again (to unfollow).

2: Follow Users Who Follow Your Followers.

On twitter, people that follow your followers will most likely be happy to follow you too.

For example, if you follow Neil Patel (an online marketing expert) and Neil Patel follows Brian Dean (an SEO expert) there’s a big possibility that you’ll be interested in Brian Dean and would love to follow his tweets on twitter.

Set out about 5-7 minutes every day to check out your followers. Go through their followers and follow about 3-5 accounts that are super related to your niche.

PS. By using a tool like Tweepi, you can scan the list of accounts that follow your own followers on Twitter.

3: Follow Users that Like/Retweet Similar Accounts (think influencers).

I’ve found that users (that retweet influencers’ tweet) are usually related to my niche and are always willing to follow back.

To make sure this twitter strategy is rather more effective, find influencers’ recent tweets and follow the retweeters & likers. This way, you’ll be able to follow users who just engaged with a tweet (meaning they might still be online).

In fact, when I was starting to grow my personal twitter brand, @s_zakuu, I’ll set up mobile notifications for certain influencers so that I’ll be able to follow users as soon as they engage with these tweets.

4: Follow Users that Love Your Competitor(s).

With twitter as a social marketing tool, you can have direct and easy access to your competiton’s fans. This is one of main reasons each and every brand should leverage twitter marketing.

Just head over to twitter and use any of these search strings;

  • “Influencer’s Full Name” e.g. Derek Halpern.
  • “Influencer’s Twitter Handle” – @derekhalpern.


Follow 5-10 of these profiles every day and connect with them.

5: Follow Users that Participate in Niche Chats.

Participating and engaging in #twitterchats can grow your page real fast. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to make new friends, fans and partners. But another strategy to getting even more followers fast is by following the users in #twitterchats you participate in.

This strategy yields one of the best results because you’ll be following users who are;

  • Currently active,
  • Are super interested in your niche and
  • Have seen your name appear in the twitter chat they’re currently participating in.

Follow 5-7 of the most active users in every #twitterchat you participate in. You’ll be able to get a handful of follow backs and new friends.

6: Follow Every (Legit) User that Replies to Influencers’ Pinned Tweets.

On twitter, pinned tweets are gold and can directly lead you to potential followers, fans or even customers. Finding twitter users that’ll love your tweets, engage with them and click your links is easy but is a lot easier when you introduce and leverage certain influencers.

All you need to do is to get a list of 3-5 influencers that do exactly what you do (blog niche/sell same products as you do) and engage with users that have replied to their pinned tweets.

This way, you’re strictly connecting with users that;

  • Are interested in what your business does (because they’ve engaged with your competition).
  • Are real users (because they’ve replied to a tweet).

7: Find & Follow Users that Similar Accounts Engage with.

I particularly love this twitter tactic because it doesn’t only get you followed by targeted users but also gets you followed by the big guys (influencers) themselves. So the simple thing behind this twitter strategy is this;

  • Find 3-5 active Influencers in your space.
  • Use Twitonomy to find users that these influencers engage with (the most).
  • Engage and build connections with them.
  • A good number follows you. Period!

So practically, let’s go with Donna Moritz, @sociallysorted as our target influencer. Here’s how to use Twitonomy to get the list of users Donna Moritz mostly replies to.

Head over to Sign in with your twitter account then authorize.


In the search bar provided, plug in the twitter handle of the influencer at hand then hit enter. So in this case, it’s @SociallySorted.


Scroll down to the “users most replied to” section.


After finding these users, the next best thing is to follow and engage with them to build lasting relationships. Check out this guide I wrote on NinjaOutreach for a detailed guide on how to go about engaging with these types of users to build relationships.

8: Follow Users Recommended by Twitter

One of the most effective ways to let twitter know what your twitter account is all about is by following certain users that they recommend or advertise. This strategy helps your twitter account get in front of the right set of users.

For instance when you follow a profile on twitter, the recommended users to follow next is almost always related to the profile you initially followed.


So there are 3 ways to make sure twitter gets your brand right. Start by;

  • Following the recommended users after you follow an influencer.
  • Using the ‘find friends’ twitter feature to follow interesting users.
  • Using the ‘who to follow’ section around your twitter feed to follow users.
  • Following accounts (related) that are promoted by Twitter Ads.

PS. You can use the ‘who to follow’ section on your profile to determine how twitter views your account. If the users recommended are related to your niche then your twitter brand is good to go.

9: Follow Users who Follow Other New Accounts.

One of the fastest ways to get users to follow your twitter account is to get users that follow new twitter accounts. You get these ‘new’ accounts by the number of followers they have not the date they signed up.

In fact, a much easier way to go about this is to leverage Twitter’s notifier;  “@s_zakuu and 10 others followed @ABcx who has 97 followers”. This way, you’ll be able to know the number of followers the page has even before checking it out.

10: Follow Twitter’s Recommended Users (on Twitter’s welcome page).

So this is a bit similar to the twitter tactic 8 but I felt it’s a more strategic and hidden hack that no one has ever talked about.

What this does is it allows you follow a number of twitter accounts that are related to your niche. This way, twitter will be able to tell what your brand is all about hence recommending you to the right kind of users.

Get to and click on “LET’S GO!” Insert as much keywords that are super related to your niche as possible (15-30 is OK) in the “LOOKING FOR EVEN MORE?” section then click on continue.

You’ll be taken to the “Make your timeline yours” page where you can add and follow as many accounts as you can. Twitter also uses the keywords you included in the previous page to suggest a bunch of accounts you might be interested in. Be sure to follow those too.

11: Using Keywords, Find and Follow Users who Tweets Anything Related to your Niche.

This strategy involves using tools to track users that mention specific keywords in their tweets. Unlike tracking brand names, you’ll be going for a more specific approach using keywords.

For instance you’re a marketing brand that helps small businesses manage their marketing projects; you’ll be tracking keywords like;

  • “Digital Marketing”.
  • “Internet Marketing”.
  • “Digital Marketing Agencies”
  • “Marketing Agencies” etc.

This way, you’ll be able to connect with users that have already shown interest in what you do. You can also use this strategy to find clients for your business (because I have too) by tracking keywords like;

  • “Marketers needed”
  • “Marketers for hire”
  • “Looking for Marketing Agency”
  • “Marketing hire”

You can use tools like Brand24 to track these keywords but there are other ones like Warble Alerts you can use too.

12: Follow all those who Recently Followed Similar Accounts (e.g. @s_zakuu just followed me)

If you’ve been on twitter for a while now you would have noticed that a lot of users use tweets to thank people that recently followed them. I also do that because it helps build a closer connection between the follower and yourself.

THUS, a strategic way to get more twitter followers is to follow and connect with those. For instance someone in your niche tweets something like this;

Follow each one of them and retweet one or two of their tweets.

13: Find & Follow those that Tweet your Competitions Content.

To grow your brand much quicker, users that have shared your competition’s articles, videos, podcasts etc are ones you’ll have to follow.

These users wouldn’t only give you a follow back but will most likely share your content too because it’s similar to what they’ve already tweeted (if not better).

In fact, I’ve used this twitter hack to find relevant users and told them about my similar (and better) content.

Then I got a reply;

So to find these users, there are 2 simple and fast methods that I know;

1. Use Buzzsumo to pull off twitter users that have shared a particular content (similar to yours).

2. Use these twitter strings to search for users that have shared your competition’s content;

  • “Via + (competition’s twitter handle)”.
  • “By + (competition’s twitter handle)”.

Follow and connect with 2-3 of these accounts on a daily basis.

14: Follow Users that Mention your Brand Name(s).

Leveraging brand mentions on twitter (or any social media platform) is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand on twitter real quick. Though this might be a bit more useful to bigger brands that get tons of social media mentions it can still be used by small or medium-sized businesses.

Smaller brands can track certain influencers or their competition’s brand names.

Head over to and enter your email address to sign up for a free account.


Start a new ‘Project’ by entering your target keywords (your brand name/your competitions’). Brand24 then works its ‘magic’ and starts notifying you about every mention any of your keyword gets.

Go through these users and follow only ones with a good profile. Engage and ‘fill in’ for your competition whenever they fail to.

15: When Users Tweet your Content, Follow those that Like/Retweet it.

Users who like, retweet or engage with your tweets are ones you should connect with the most. But the problem when starting out is no one engages with your tweets so a way to go about following the right users (that’ll follow you back) is to follow all those who engage with your shared content.

These can be tweets from average users, mid-class users or even influencers. Most people that engage with your shared content will likely be happy to follow you.

So if you have content that gets shared pretty well then you should use 3-5 minutes to follow all users that engaged with those tweets.


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16: Double the Number of Tweets You Send Out.

The more people you can reach; the higher chances of getting followed you’ll have. In fact, studies have shown that the more tweets you put out, the higher followers you’ll get.

This study revealed that users with 1-1,000 tweets had 51-100 twitter followers while those with 10,000+ tend to fall between 1,001-5,000 followers.

In fact, when growing my client’s twitter, @Bloom_Times, I increased the number of tweets from 28 tweets (in 30 days) to 254 tweets! This didn’t only boost our tweets reach by 250% but also drove over 100 website visits which isn’t bad for an account with a few hundred follows.

17: Be a Testimony to Bigger Accounts (Influencers).

The first time I used this tactic, I ended up getting 17 new twitter followers in few hours. Sit tight and continue reading; I’ll share everything with you.

One of the fastest ways to grow your brand on twitter is to connect or interact with (niche related) brands or influencers. I first learnt about this strategy from Bryan Harris of

What you’ll do is get a list of influencers you’ve learnt from, bought from, attended their stuffs, worked with or read their books then give an honest review in a quick tweet.

18: Find Smaller Businesses (blogs) & Tweet their Content.

One of the fastest ways to increase your twitter following when starting out is to get other smaller brands to follow you. To carry out this simple strategy, you need to put a little time to finding great content that;

  • Adds value to your audience.
  • The content owner(s) isn’t precisely big or a huge influencer.

Chances that the bigger brands will connect with you are very low because their content get shared a lot so they get a lot of @mentions every day; yours might get lost.

Do this on a consistent basis to get a constant flow of small businesses following you. Use buffer to schedule great content on a regular basis.

19: Find & Tweet Influencers Guest Appearances.

For an influencer to appear as a guest on either a podcast, guest post, video interview or even radio interview then he/she must have respect for the host. Be it a company brand or another influencer.

For instance if Sam Hurley, Digital Marketing Expert, decides to do a blog post interview for HuffPost then it’s because he respects the publication and knows the ROI of appearing on top sites like these. Therefore, will make sure it becomes a top notch interview that stands out and also adds value.

Find these guest appearances, features and interviews then send out an honest tweet if it added value to you.

Run any of these search strings on Google to find where your influencers have appeared.

  • “Influencer’s Full Name + Guest”
  • “Influencer’s Full Name + Featured Guest”
  • “Influencer’s Full Name + Author”
  • “Influencer’s Full Name + Byline”
  • “Influencer’s Full Name + Author Byline”

A good number of them would gladly give you a follow or retweet your tweet (which will expose your twitter page to a bigger audience that’ll be happy to follow you too).


20: Tell People to Follow You (in a tweet).

Users will be happy to follow you if you tell them to (and give reasons why). This is where you showcase a little about your business, how you can help and who your target is.

All thanks to Twitter’s 280 characters upgrade, brands can now tell stories that grab users’ attention in 2018 and beyond.

Joshua Baer, @JoshuaBaer;

Keep it simple, punchy, lively and straight to the point.

21: Send a Personal Thank You (with gifs) to Anyone that Likes, Comments, or Retweets You.

This is one of the most powerful ways to build relationships, friendships and partners on twitter. Thanking each and everyone that engages with your stuff or follows you. I love how Keith Keller, does this;

This strategy is most effective when you include gifs and make your tweets interesting and human-like. It also helps keep users from hitting the follow button twice (to unfollow your page) which makes it 2 times more important.

Thanking each and every user that engages with my tweet or follows me is a priority when trying to grow my account or my clients’. For instance, while growing one of my client’s twitter brand, @bloom_times, I always send thank-you tweets to every user that engages or follows us.

22: Quote Your Active Thought Leaders in Tweets.

Quotes are generally known to outperform normal tweets especially when you’re new on the platform.

Tweeting quotes isn’t precisely a new s but in 2018, we’ll be quoting our active thought leaders & experts. These are influencers with active twitter pages.

For example, I am in the social media/digital marketing space and target small business owners. I’ll be quoting thought leaders and experts like Sam Hurley, Evan Carmichael, and Rebekah Radice etc.

Experts absolutely love it when you quote their words and some wouldn’t mind following you. It means you love and appreciate their stuffs plus you’re a big fan! Again, the mid-class influencers will be happier to connect when you quote them (they mostly range from 10,000 to 300,000 followers).

Here’s a typical example of how I used this tactic and got an A result! ?

Months ago, I came across Dan Gingiss, social media & customer service expert also author of ‘Winning at Social Customer Care’.

I read his piece and totally loved it. In fact, I regularly quoted his words in tweets and also shared his posts. This led to Dan following me & tweeting my post in return.

23: Use Time-Cautious Hashtags/Conversations (like #MondayMotivation, #WednesdayThoughts etc.)

Using time-cautious hashtags like #MondayMotivation & #WednesdayThoughts can be really effective in getting follows and a bunch of engagements. Most of these hashtag discussions trend on twitter because a lot of users use them.

Quotes and expert words tend to perform best with these hashtags. Do not turn it into a traffic driving machine by tweeting your blog posts or videos frequently. Tweet meaningful content that tally with the hashtag and discussion, engage with other tweets and follow active 3-5 users.

24: Start Tweeting When Others Listen.

Sending out valuable tweets can only serve its use when users actually see it.

Free tools like Tweriod help analyzes your twitter account to find when your twitter followers engage with your tweets the most.

Free tools like Tweriod help analyzes your twitter account to find when your twitter followers engage with your tweets the most Click To Tweet

To do this, head over to and sign in with your desired twitter account then authorize.

Tweriod then analyzes your account which takes about 1-2 hours depending on how many followers the page has. Leverage these times by using scheduling tools like buffer or hootsuite to send out strategic tweets.


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25: Setup a Complete & Professional Profile for Your Brand.

Your twitter profile gets viewed by a lot of users every day. Making sure these viewers click the follow button depends on the looks your profile depicts.

A professional profile will not only be followed by a lot of users but will also be followed by influential or celebrity accounts.

So what’s a profile that looks good?

  • Not just a profile image but a profile image that makes users feel like they’re following a real person.
  • Not just a wall image but one that catches or grabs users’ attention (in a positive way).
  • Not just any bio but a bio text that tells people who you are, what you stand for, how you can help (what’s in it for them) and also includes social proof.

Here’s an example of a complete & professional twitter profile:


26: Set Yourself as a Leader by Identifying Your Status (e.g. “expert speaker in”, “founder, “CEO” etc.)

I came across this little hack a while back when I was experimenting on my twitter bio. I changed my bio several times in a month in order to see which one had the biggest impact. The result turned out that when I included “Founder of”, “Expert in”, “Featured on” etc on my bio; I got more influential twitter followers.

This hack didn’t just get me followed but got me followed by accounts with huge followings and influence. Which is why I always recommend you have a professional twitter bio that attracts the right kind of followers?

image2 image3


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27: Pull Off a Huge, Shareable Blog Post.

If you blog, then this one is simply for you. The fastest way to go about this is to use “expert round ups”. They are goldmine and work pretty well.

All you need to do is come up with a ‘not talked about’ topic and email experts for interview. From my experience the more experts you can get to participate; the better chances of more shares you’ll have.

When I published my expert roundup guide on twitter automation, my account’s tweets-reach & website clicks went up by 42% and 54% respectively.

Here are some tips to give you a boost:

  • When post is live, email the influencers and tag them on social media too.
  • Include clear and responsive social shares buttons in the post.
  • Include short click-to-tweets to make the post even more shareable.
  • Make sure you follow all the influencers that participated on twitter.
  • Design a nice & shareable image for your round up.
roundup blog philip

Image from Philipscom

This will lead to shares from the biggest minds in your niche; exposing your twitter account to a much bigger audience.

28: Insert your Twitter Handle in your Click-to-Tweet Quotes.

If you’re like me then you love to use click-to-tweets in your blog articles. This doesn’t only increase social shares but can also boost your influence and expertise.

These click-to-tweets can be set up without a ‘via’ attribution but the Click to Tweets wordpress plugin makes it even easier to do this with a single click.


29: Use a Social Share Plugin that Allows Sharers Follow You Immediately After Tweeting.

I don’t know about other social share buttons but Sumo has a feature where you can add a follow me/us section immediately after users tweet your stuffs. It’s effective because you’re asking for a follow from someone;

  • Who’s interested in what you do,
  • Loved your blog content and
  • Has tweeted it out.

This increases your possibilities of getting followed. I precisely love how Jonathan and Susanna of leverage this tactic.


30: Embed your Tweets in your Articles (blog post, guest post, quotes etc.).

Embedding your twitter feed on your website is a great twitter strategy to get more eye balls on your tweets and can in turn get you more twitter followers. But in 2018, there’s a more strategic approach you can use when embedding your tweets.

I’ve seen a bunch of bloggers leverage this tactic un-intentionally. What this hack does is it increases your tweets visibility to a more targeted but bigger audience. This involves embedding your tweets within your blog articles.

For instance, when writing a guestpost article, you can embed some of your tweets within to add more value or clarify something you’re talking about.

31: Insert Your Twitter URL in Your Welcome Email.

Another organic way to get real follows quickly. Like the previous strategies, you’re exposing your twitter account to users that matter. These are users that will happily follow you because they’ve  already shown interest in your stuff (newsletter, freebie etc.).

This is a rather effective strategy for companies that leverage email marketing to grow their brand and boost sales. Bloggers and Online stores can benefit from this strategy.


32: Insert your Twitter Link in Your Author Bio.

Be it your blog post, a guest post, a podcast appearance, and interview or feature, you’ll most likely require a short 2-5 sentence bio. On some blogs, they automatically have an author bio section below every blog post which makes things even easier.


Also, including your twitter link (and requesting for a follow) in your bio during guest appearances would help too.

33: Use Content Lock (smart bribe) to Hide Content.

Smartbribe, a cool tool by the amazing folks behind Bryan Harris’, gives you the ability to lock certain content on your blog or website with a CTA before the content is unlocked (e.g. tweet this). This works pretty simple and provides real results.

For instance you have a blog post about 17 tips to hire a SEO agency. Smartbribe allows you to lock say 7 of these tips until visitors tweet out the content or follows you. This is really effective when you have top notch content on your blog.

34: Insert Your Twitter URL on Your Thank-You Page(s).

Your thank-you pages are one of your most visited pages. It’s also one of the perfect locations to find highly interested users that love your content and can’t wait to devour.

Inserting a ‘follow me on twitter’ button or link on these pages can exponentially increase your twitter followers.

You can use the normal ‘follow us’ link to your page or an embeddable ‘follow’ button.

35: Using Keywords, Let Twitter Know What Your Blog is About.

This is probably my favorite twitter hack because it’s never talked about. Using this secret, you can tell twitter what your profile is about (e.g. blogging, marketing, affiliate etc) using keywords.

This is part of twitter’s sign up process which you should have come across when creating your new twitter page. I then figured it’s a signup step any user can re-visit at any given time so why not occasionally keep telling twitter what your page is all about?

Visit and click on ‘LET’S GO’.

In the ‘LOOKING FOR MORE?’ section, fill in the keywords that are related to your niche and would tell twitter what your page is interested in.



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36: Insert Your Twitter URL on Your Most Visited Page(s).

Whether you’re just starting ou or have been in business for a while now, chances are high that you have top notch articles on your blog or high trafficked page(s) on your company’s website.

Head over to your website to find your most popular blog content (usually the most shared or trafficked). To find the most shared content on your website or blog, head over to and plug in your website’s URL then run a search.

Buzzsumo will sort out your website’s page & blog posts according to the number of shares. The most shared comes first.


Pick 1-3 of them and include a “Follow Me” or “Follow Us” button/link.

Alternatively, you can head over to your website’s dashboard to find the most trafficked post/page on your website and include a “Follow Me/Us” link.

37: Let Your Workers, Family & Friends Connect.

This strategy works simple. All you need to do is get your close buddies to follow & connect with you on twitter.

These are your friends, neighbors, family members, coworkers or even your boss.

Do a little brainstorming and make a list of your buddies that know about your business. One’s you’ve talked to about your business or brand. These can include your Mom, Dad, siblings, best friends, fiancé, coworkers, boss, employees, partners etc

Send them a short text (or email) about your brand’s new account on twitter. Let them know a few things you’ll be posting about. They’ll be super excited to give you a follow and retweet “everything” you tweet to show support.

38: Add a Follow Button to your Site’s Background.

A lot of people (especially bloggers) are leaving behind this opportunity for getting new followers – adding a twitter follow button to your blog posts. To be able to convert your blog readers and visitors into twitter followers, you should add a clear follow button on your website.

This strategy isn’t precisely new as a lot of brands already leverage it to gain new followers from their visitors. I particularly love how it is done on


39: Insert Your Twitter URL on your About or Meet the Team Page.

One of your most visited pages is probably your about page. If readers are on your about page, it means they want to know more about you/your brand.


Giving them your social media links would be the next best thing you’ll do. You can also use twitter’s official follow button or a manual link to your twitter page.

40: Embed your Twitter Feed on your Website.

If you regularly pump out valuable, interesting and engaging tweets on your brand’s twitter, you should consider embedding your twitter feed on your website. These tweets consist of valuable information your website/blog visitors would find useful.

You can embed your timeline on places like your website’s sidebar or themes background as they’re the 2 most common places used by brands today. Another ‘forgetten’ space is your website’s About Page. Embedding your twitter feed on your about page can bring in a handful of super-targeted follows.


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41: Leverage Your Email Connections (and LinkedIn).

Like I said, since you’ll most likely get a follow from someone you already know or you’ve connected, partnered or worked with, why not make use of your LinkedIn & Email connections. They’re goldmine.

If someone has accepted your connection invite on LinkedIn, chances are high he/she will be happy to give you a follow. And likewise for your email contacts.

There isn’t a straightforward way to import your LinkedIn connections to twitter but there’s a manual way I’ll be showing you;

First, visit your LinkedIn Contacts page and select “settings.” On that page, you’ll have the option to export your contacts into a .CSV file.

The file can then be uploaded to your email account contacts. Then from Twitter, you’ll be able to import your email contacts, which will include your LinkedIn connections. Go through them carefully and follow accounts that deserve to be followed.

42: Build Relationships that Bring New Connections.

With my experience about growing on twitter, one thing I’ve leveraged and have worked pretty well is building connections with my followers. These types of connections can bring you more friends, fans and acquaintances.

Building a closer relationship with a user can go beyond @replies, retweets, mentions and follows. It can extend to DM’s!

Yes, it’s obvious most users now automate theirs DM’s but a few still check it.

You simply build relationships with twitter influencers that know someone you’d like to know. These set of people have built huge communities hence have a strong connections in your niche.

About 3 months ago, I reached out to Keith Keller (@KeithKeller), Twitter Marketing Expert, via twitter DM (direct message) after we both followed each other. We got to know each other better have even partnered on a number of things since then.

This particular connection has resulted to Keith introducing me to about 10 other social media experts like Samantha Kelly (@tweetinggoddess) and Adel De Meyer, (@AdelDMeyer) who also connected and followed me.

Quick breakdown;

Step #1: Follow your niche experts and influencers then start building connections by;

  • Tweeting their articles.
  • Sharing testimonials about them.
  • Engaging with their tweets.

Step #2: Take note of influencers that retweet and engage with these tweets then hit them up via DM for a proper introduction.

Step #3: Ask politely for referrals.

LEVERAGING SEARCH TOOLS (Advanced Search, Google)

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43: Find & Rank for Niche Keywords on Twitter.

To rank for certain keywords or search phrases on twitter, you need to insert your target keywords to your twitter profile. In 2017, a lot of users had the misconception of inserting ‘billions’ of hashtags in their bio in order to rank even faster.

But in 2018 and beyond, we’ll be leveraging twitter keywords with a more strategic and professional approach. In other words, you don’t have to ‘paint your bios black & blue’ before you rank for certain phrases.

Instead, use your target keywords in these strategic place;

  • Your tweets.
  • Use them as hashtags.
  • While replying to users.
  • In click-to-tweets.
  • In bios but not as hashtags.

This way, your profile would be seen when certain target keywords are searched for (by users).

44: Leverage Search Engines: Optimize your Page to Rank on Google.

Ranking your twitter page on Google might not sound too important to so many businesses out there today but it sure is. I also never thought about optimizing my twitter for Google until I did a short finding about how people search for certain brands on Google. For this short finding, I used

I used this keyword planner tool and ran a search on the number of times people searched for “SocialMediaExaminer”.

That keyword averaged a monthly search of 320 while “www socialmediaexaminer com” and “www socialmediaexaminer” were searched 90 times (each) on average (which equals 500 monthly searches).


On each of these search results, Social Media Examiner’s twitter page appeared among the first 4 results.


This shows that a good number of internet users visit @smexaminer from Google search results. So to be able to leverage this, you need to optimize your brand’s twitter account to be Google friendly.

According to StoneTemple, using hashtags, images, links and mentions in your tweets tend to increase your chances of getting indexed by Google.


45: Strategically Insert your Competitions Names in Your Tweets (for search benefits).

A lot of users search for brands on twitter. Be it to find their twitter page to follow, drop a customer compalint or even to collaborate. These are potential users you’d want to connect with; ones you’d want as followers.

The best way I’ve found to get in front of these users searching for your competitors is by inserting your competitions names in your tweets.

For example, when you search “Socialquant” on twitter, other accounts show up first (because they contain ‘socialquant’):


It’s very simple. It’s like SEO; you compete for certain keywords to be able to get the right kind of traffic to your online store or blog. But in this casez you’re focusing mainly on your competition’s brand names.


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46: Join 1-2 Twitter Chats.

To grow really fast on twitter you should be able to find and participate in weekly or monthly #twitterchats that are related to your brand. These chats will expose your blog or online agency to a larger (and free to reach) audience.

Twitter chats like #twittersmarter and #bufferchat will expose your brand to marketing experts, users looking to learn marketing and even your competition.

Don’t Promote. A Twitter chat is NOT a place to sell. It’s a place to show authority - @MadalynSklar Click To Tweet

47: Quickly Reply Tweets from Huge (and related) Accounts.

This twitter strategy also helps expose you to targeted users who are interested in your type of products, services or content.

Users that reply to your competition are those you’d want to connect with; they’ll most likely love your brand and follow your page. Click To Tweet

This is what I noticed with tweets by influencers;

Users who reply these tweets also get engaged with (by other users)..


So how do you leverage this hack to get follows?

Step #1: Find 3-5 influencers that have large twitter followers (think 500k and above).

Step #2: Follow & turn on their Profiles’ tweet notification so you’ll get alerted when they tweet.

Step #3: Drop thoughtful replies quickly.

Step #4: Reply whoever replies your reply then follow whoever likes/retweets your reply.

48: Like & Retweet Recent Tweeters.

Every twitter user wants engagements. Everyone wants likes, retweets and @replies so one of the quickest ways to get someone to follow you is to engage with his/her tweets. This strategy gets you followed by users you don’t even follow.

The first thing you need to do is to search for a specific #hashtag that gets used in your niche pretty well. For instance, when I started to grow my twitter I went with #hashtags like “#SMM”, “#SocialMediaMarketing”, “TwitterTips” etc.

Go through the tweets in the “Latest” section of your search result and engage with meaningful ones that’ll add value to your target audience. Like & Retweet Tweets your target audience will find valuable and eager to click through.


49: Reply Users you’ve Recently Followed.

@Replying users is one of the fastest ways to draw attention, build long term connections and also get twitter followers. It’s also one of the surest ways to make someone follow you back.

A user you follow is likely to follow you back but when you hit reply and comment on one of his/her tweets then you’re increasing the possibilities of getting a follow back. I’ve personally tested this twitter hack and it’s trusted!

For example, when I followed Diana Adams, @AdamsConsulting, I some of her tweets and replied to the one I resonated with.

I didn’t only get a follow back from @AdamsConsulting but also got a reply from Diana and Rebekah Radice, @RebekahRadice which is a win-win thing.

Additional Content: How Quuu Grew Its Twitter to 10,000+

The growth of Quuu’s Twitter following is pretty much down to one thing: content!

We’ve been lucky because we’ve had our very own content curation app at our disposal right from the get-go. This has been been a really powerful tool for us.

We use Quuu to curate four posts a day from interest categories relevant to our audience (content marketing, social media marketing, startups, etc.). Each post will mention the author of the content, as well as including a couple of popular hashtags, so they’re a really effective way to get eyes on our feed.

We also share our own content: blog posts, our weekly team playlist, Instagram posts (automated using IFTTT) and our newsletter (via Revue). Our blog posts are promoted in Quuu Promote, which generates mentions round the clock.

We love using Twitter as a platform for having conversations with our users, so we try to interact with them as much as possible: asking questions to encourage discussion, thanking people for sharing our content, and hosting our monthly Twitter chats. The latter have been an excellent way to build a loyal, engaged community. Each time we host a Qchat, our impressions and engagement rates go through the roof.

quuu twitter analytics

One of our Qchatters recently stressed how important it is to fit your content to the platform, rather than trying to make the platform fit your content. Twitter moves at a fast pace; use it for real-time conversations with your audience, make sure your content stands out, and, most importantly, have fun with it! The nature of Twitter makes it perfect for more playful, spontaneous posts that really allow you to get across your brand’s voice.

Additional Content: How SocialQuant Grew Its Twitter to 100,000+

The main way we’ve grown our company Twitter account to over 100K followers is to employ a follow-first strategy. This simply means we identify accounts we would like to connect with – ones that we think would be interested in our content and/or our service – and follow them first. We then give them time to follow back. If they do, great a connection has been made. If not, we unfollow them.

While this is a simple method, having a great Twitter presence worth following is key to this strategy working. When you follow an account on Twitter, they will get a notification and most people will then come and check out your Twitter profile.

By optimizing your profile with a great Twitter header, profile pic and bio, you will get a good percentage of those you followed to follow you back.

And when you have a great pinned tweet, you can turn many of those visits to your Twitter profile into traffic to your website.

For our account, we have a Twitter cover that clearly states what we do and provides social proof in the form of connections made and the publications we’ve been featured in. We reinforce what we’re all about and provide more detail in our bio.

Finally, we have a pinned tweet with a call to action to join our 14-Day Twitter Marketing That Sells Challenge – a free resource to get the most out of using Twitter for business.


Another key is knowing exactly how to find the accounts to follow first. You can use the Twitter search to find accounts tweeting words or phrases your target market is likely to use, search for them mentioning handles of similar accounts (or competitors), or follow the followers of other accounts like yours. While there are many methods that work, we use our tool (Social Quant) that employs social listening on Twitter to identify accounts tweeting keywords and mentioning handles and follow those people.


(back to top)

50: Use FollowerMonk to Find Related Accounts to Follow.

FollowerMonk is a tool by the guys behind Moz. What this tool does is it helps you find interesting users related to your niche who would likely give you a follow back when you follow.

For instance, you can search certain users based on their bios using the “Search Twitter Bios Only” feature.

51: Use Tweepi to Search for Users that Follow Influencers.

You can also use twitter tool, Tweepi to find and follow users that follow influencers in your niche to find targeted users who’d also be happy to give you a follow too. Pick 1 or 2 active influencers in your niche then use Tweepi to search for their followers and follow the most recent active accounts.

52: Use Social Quant to Automatically Grow Your Following.

Socialquant is a paid tool (but offers a 14-day free trial) that automatically helps grow your twitter page using keywords. This works pretty simple and on auto-pilot meaning you don’t do any work.

All you need to do is head over to and sign in for a free 14-day trial. Insert your brand and niche keywords and you’re good to go.


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53: Use Promoted Tweets (Twitter Ads).

Promoted tweets or twitter ads are a great way to get your twitter profile in front of your target audience.

Promoted tweets help boosts your tweet’s visibility/reach to a much more bigger and targeted audience.

Using this paid feature, you can;

  • Reach your audience by targeting the right people.
  • Build a much more lively brand by promoting tweets that spark engagements.
  • Connect with your customers in a meaningful and faster way.
  • Run 2-phased twitter campaigns. First is to reach specific users then the second is to retarget all those who engage with your tweets in first campaign.
  • Create objective based campaigns that can; increase your website traffic, grow your twitter following or create awareness.

Twitter’s 300 million users are the engaging, sharing type audience and leveraging twitter ads can get your brand in front of these.


(back to top)

54: Leave your Twitter URL when Dropping Comments.

Leaving comments on blogs and videos is one of the most powerful ways to build connections with influencers, competitors and even your target market.

Use your comments the same way you write/send emails. I mean exactly how you close/sign your emails.


Here, you’ll be including your twitter handle in your comments’ closure/signatory. This way, other readers, commenters and even the writer would be able to connect with you.

Here’s an example;

add twitter to comments

Wouldn’t pump in loads of followers to your account but can send 1-2. Do this on a consistent basis and it’ll exponentially grow.

55: Harness “twitter highlights” and Leverage ‘Moments’.

The status-like twitter feature is growing in popularity and usage. The very enticing thing about this feature is that you don’t need to follow someone before you’ll see his/her highlights.

Unlike Instagram stories, twitter highlight doesn’t only show updates posted by user you follow, it also notifies you about things you might be interested in. For instance you’ll get highlights like;

“@s_zakuu and 32 others recently followed @tweetinggoddess”

“@s_zakuu and 11 others are talking about this”

“Top tweet from your timeline”

Engage with these suggested tweets and follow users your followers have recently followed.

On the other hand, use your recent tweets to create engaging ‘Moments’ for your twitter highlights. If users engage with your “Moments” then you’ll be suggested to other similar profiles too.

56: Leave a Link to your Twitter in Your Email Signature.

A great way to get more twitter follows is to leverage your email contacts/connections which is why including your twitter handle in your email signature is a good strategy to use.

This way, every person you email can see a link to your twitter profile.

57: Leave Your Twitter URL in Your YouTube Descriptions.

This is one secret hack that I see a lot of YouTubers miss out on. This strategy will be a more effective one in 2018 as video marketing is currently going through the roofs. Internet users now prefer watching video content to other mediums.

YouTube geniuses like Derek Halpern and Neil Patel who create informational and value-added content on blogging, startups and business marketing can benefit from this strategy.


So if creating video content is part of your marketing strategy in 2018 then be sure to insert your twitter handle in every video’s YouTube description.

get more followers on twitter

59: Leave Your Twitter URL in Your eBook/PDF Files.

Your email subscribers, content consumers, customer, readers etc. have shown deep interest in what you do. Why not add a link to your twitter page; they’ll gladly give you a follow and engage with your tweets.

60: Leave Your Twitter Link in Your Slideshare Presentations.

Slideshare presentations are goldmine for generating traffic to your website, blog or even social media pages.

Because well-optimized slideshare presentations get a ton of views, you can leverage this medium to drive real-targeted traffic to your brand’s twitter page. I particularly love how Brian Solis included his.


61: Cross Promote on Other Social Platforms (but don’t interlink).

Each social media platform is built with its unique features that need specific tactics to be able to grow quickly. A Facebook post can contain a 500 words article while a tweet only goes 250 maximum!

So how do you go about cross promoting your twitter on other social channels?

  • You can include a link to your twitter page on Instagram stories (‘swipe up’ feature).
  • You can also manually type in the link to your twitter page (or just your handle) on a SnapChat story/Facebook status.
  • You can upload on Instagram a screen-grabbed image of your (good looking) twitter profile.
  • You can equally tell people about your twitter page in a Facebook post.

Be creative and think of the best ways to cross promote!

62: Leverage Influencers (who Follow/Engage with you) as Social Proof.

A crook-ish hack to displaying social proof and getting even more twitter follows really quickly. This method of displaying social proof kind of sets you as an expert or influencer in your niche.

People tend to perceive users as experts when influencers (or celebrities) follow and engage with them on social media.

Whenever influencers follow your account, sending a (public) thank-you tweet to them will not only build the relationship but can also serve as social proof to users who see it.

There are so many ways to go about this. Some of which are;

  • Send public thank-you tweets to the big guys that follow you.
  • When an influencer tweets your stuffs retweet it.
  • When replying to influencers’ tweet use the ‘quote’ feature and not ‘@reply’. This way, your interactions with the big guys will be publicly seen on your twitter feed.

63: Try to Use Twitter Giveaways.

Giveaways are an often overlooked strategy to get more twitter followers, retweets, likes and @replies real fast. Hosting giveaways is a tested and proven tactic that’ll allow you gain more followers and visibility for your brand.

People love to win prizes and are more than happy to follow brands that give them away. For your giveaway prices, be sure it’s one that perfectly suits your target audience.

64: Mention Your Twitter Handle during Presentations.

If you’re a speaker or presenter, this is yet another good strategy to getting your twitter brand in front of targeted users who would be happy to connect and follow you. If you present at conferences, shows etc then putting your twitter handle on the start & end slides is a great way to get exposure to hundreds or even thousands of people.

64: Show Twitter You’re Real by Abiding by Twitter Rules.

This twitter tip might not be a precisely actionable strategy to get you more followers but how important are all these tactics when twitter keeps suspending your account. This stops your profile from getting followed because twitter completely freezes your page from any activity.

You can click here to read twitter rules, terms & conditions and policies.

65: To Get Twitter Followers, Try Not to Unfollow Anyone that Followed You Back.

Probably the most deadliest twitter sin of all time; unfollowing users who followed you back.

People will most likely unfollow you too (because almost everyone now uses tools).

To be able to grow your new twitter account to thousands, you should develop the habit of following in thousands too; follow everyone!

To be able to grow your new twitter account to thousands, you should develop the habit of following in thousands too; follow everyone! Click To Tweet


(back to top)

66: Start Tracking your Account’s Growth.

The more you track your results, the clearer you’ll get on what strategies to use. Practically;

  • When you track and know your tweets that gets clicked more, you’ll be able to send better tweets.
  • When you know who engages with your tweets the most, you’ll be able to target specific users (plus tell what your audience wants).
  • When you know when your followers are mostly online, you’ll send more tweets at the best times.

There are hundreds of twitter tools out there that’ll help you go about tracking your analytics but here are few recommended ones to use;

  • Twitter’s own Twitter Analytics (free).
  • Daily140 – sends you daily email with the most recent follows and favorites of 5 twitter accounts of your choice (free).
  • Audiense – helps you understand audiences that matter to your business (free).
  • Twitonomy – A pretty detailed dashboard of any twitter user you want.
  • Klout – helps track your influencer score on a scale of 1-100.
  • Sumall – daily or weekly email reports for your accounts growth.
  • Socialrank – analyzes your twitter following (can be who has the highest followers, who is verified, who has 100k followers etc.).
  • Buffer – simple analytics of your links clicks, retweets, likes and most popular tweets.

Post Conclusion – What to Do Next!

These are a long list of twitter tactics to get more twitter followers fast in 2018 which can be overwhelming. Here’s a simple proposal for your brand;

(Please this is only for agencies and blogging brands)

You can work with me to manage and implement all these twitter strategies in order to grow your account without you having to sacrifice a bunch-load of time. If you’ve read these twitter hacks, you’ll know that using them will;

  • Bring in loads of twitter traffic to your website and blog.
  • Grow your twitter brand’s influence real fast.
  • Generate leads and clients for your services.
  • Grow your following by hundreds each and every month.
  • Make your blog the go-to brand for everything regarding your niche.
  • Save you hours each month on twitter management.

If this is something you’re kind of interested in, feel free to hit me up via for a chance to get my 30-day twitter growth management free trial (only open to 3 brands so hurry before it’s filled up)

Also, feel free to drop a comment and let me know which twitter strategy you love and plan to use the most.

Simon Zaku

Hi, I'm Simon Zaku and I teach bloggers how to generate thousands of traffic & hundreds of leads using Twitter. On the other hand, I work with marketing agencies to manage their twitter helping them generate leads and traffic :)

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Amy Marohl

This is a very thorough and well thought out article. Number 12 helped me grow from 0 to 3,000. I wonder how much I will grow when I take time to apply all the others? I am a busy mom of 7 though so it may take me a while!

Donald Gavin

Hi Simon, Wow, what a comprehensive list of great tips. I especially liked seeing number 15 in the list. If you are looking to get started growing your Twitter account friends and are the perfect way to start, then you can start applying some of the other tactics. I also agree with asking people to follow you (number 10) but I would add that you should not limit it to just a tweet. For example, if I have written a blog post about anything to do with Twitter I would ask the reader to connect with me on Twitter (as… Read more »


Useful article. How social channel could we ping the author?


Thanks a lot for this complete guide. I just bookmarked it

Ryan Biddulph

Cool dude! Big fan of engaging folks and RTing frequently to gain traction on Twitter. Thanks for sharing 🙂



Hello Zaku,
I guess I’m one of those few folks who rarely pay attention to Twitter. Even though I have more than 1k followers, I find it difficult to understand how the whole scheme works.

Because it appears my whole post doesn’t seem to get the needed attention compared to Facebook.
But I guess I need to reconsider my decision.

Lucian Bradford
Lucian Bradford

Well I have always been like a kid, who wanted everything to be perfect no matter what it takes. When I joined Twitter, I wanted it to look amazing like having some good amount of followers who like and comment on my tweets. I invested a lot of time but still I was not able to gain followers like I wanted so I started searching for an automation tool that can help me with twitter and then I found WizUgo com as the most effective one. It can do everything and now I am maintaining a perfect account with ease.… Read more »