7 Strategic Ways to Generate 10+ Content Ideas to Blog About (in Minutes)

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So in this post I’m going to be helping you generate new content ideas for your blog.

You see, brainstorming content ideas to blog about is one of the most difficult tasks you face as a blogger. As your blog grows, you find that ideas seem to be taking longer to brainstorm.

It’s not your fault – we all face that.

In this article I’ll be showing you how to generate content ideas using twitter. Not just random ideas to blog about but ones your target audience actually wants to read.

You don’t need to crack your brain or sacrifice lots of hours into these strategies discussed in this post.

As we proceed I’ll try as much as possible to use practical examples so you’ll grasp better.


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7 Strategic Ways to Generate Content Ideas to Blog About (in Minutes)

7 Strategic Ways to Generate 10 Content Ideas to Blog About Using Twitter.

Here are 7 actionable strategies to generate content ideas to blog about in 2018 (and beyond);

1. Use Twitter Chats Discussion topics.

Twitter chats are the first content goldmine you should first look into.

Niche twitter chats involve discussions between experts and newbies in a particular niche so why not leverage it?

Most of the topics discussed in these chats are always usually well thought-out or researched by the host thus a few content ideas could immerse from there.


There are two steps to accomplishing this;

  1. Finding Twitter Chats in your space.
  2. Extracting the topics (or theme) of discussion.

Going with the first step which is finding relevant twitter chats in your blogging space. So for instance you blog about blogging, you’d look out for twitter chats about blogging.

And likewise Affiliate marketing and all other markets.

There are different ways to find relevant twitter chats in your space but in this post I’ll show you just two (3) simple ways;

  1. Using Google Search,
  2. Using a free online resource, Tweetreports.
  3. Using a free tool, Hashtagify to find similar chats.

Using Google Search; Using Google search to find twitter chats in your niche is the easiest because a lot of bloggers have done the work for you. They’ve searched and compiled lists of twitter chats in different niche space.

Therefore, all you need to do is to run this search string on Google;

“Twitter chats for (your niche)”

In this case, let’s use “twitter chats for bloggers” since you and I are bloggers.

generate content ideas

Now let’s go with the result from Beautiful Dawn Designs.

twitter chats

From this result, I’ve pulled out a few; #ThinkBeContent, #Ambitionista, #Nectarchat, #Fireandwindco, #CreativeLounge, #PassionChat and #CreativeCoffeeHour.

Let’s keep those aside while I show you the second method…

Using a free online resource, Tweetreports;

Tweetreports is a free online resource that compiles a list of numerous twitter chats in different niches. I particular love the fact that the details about each tweet chat is given.

Details like Description, Moderators, Time, Date and Website.


Here’s the thing;

Tweetreports haven’t updated their list in a while now therefore most of the new twitter chats cannot be found there thus it’s better to use all the methods outlined here.

To use Tweetreports tweet chats report, click here J

PS: I’m currently putting a huge list of twitter chats for bloggers to join in 2018. Unlike the two methods above, I’ll be compiling an up-to-date piece in one file so you don’t have to be searching from one place to another. Sign up here and I’ll email you the moment I’m done (just click here to see the sign up form) J

Using a free tool, Hashtagify to find similar chats; what Hashtagify does is it simply pulls out similar hashtags to anyone you want. So for this, let’s use #Nectarchat.

Head over to Hashtagify.me and insert your desired hashtag. In this case I’ll use #Nectarchat.

These are all different chats for bloggers.

Find and Extract the Topics Discussed in these Chats.

To generate content ideas, I need you to search and find the different topics discussed in these periodic chats.

Some of these chats are mostly being kind of documented on the host’s website. For example, Melyssa Griffin documents her topics in one page.

nectarchat topics

Run each twitter chat on Google to find these pages.

bufferchat google

And boom! You got raw content.

bufferchat topics 2

Go through Questions Asked During Twitter Chats.

If you follow the first strategy then you should have a bunch of content ideas already in your content vault. But thing is you need as much as you can get which brings us to back to twitter chats.

You need to go through some of these chats to get even more content ideas your audience wants.

This strategy requires you to manually go on twitter, search for the respective chats and go through them to find out what people are saying.

To be at the safer side of time, it’s better to join 1 or 2 of these chats weekly. This way, you get to participate and also pull out what people are saying and questions they want answers for.

But not to worry, I’ve got a shortcut for you if you don’t have the time to join tweet chats – I always do 😉

Head over to Twitter Advanced Search on your desktop and insert the following the same way I did below…

bufferchat advanced search

Include the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ to show only tweets that are questions.

And here goes gold…

bufferchat tweet

Go a little deeper and check the comments to find even more ideas.

bufferchat tweets

Use a Free Tool, Twilerts to Track Certain Keywords on Twitter.


Twilerts is a twitter tool that notifies you of certain keywords you want. What Twilerts does is it monitors the twittersphere for any keyword you want then emails you once every day with a list of tweets containing those keywords.

Setting up Twilerts is really simple. Here’s it;

Head over to Twilerts.com and signup for a 30-day free trial account. Go through the signup process and authorize your twitter account.



You’ll be taken to your dashboard where you can key-in certain keywords of your choice but here’s the thing;

You wouldn’t want to target any tweet that mentions just any general keyword (e.g. blogging); rather I’ll show you how to get more targeted tweets that are mostly questions your audience wants answers for. Here’s a simple formula;

When setting up your first Twitter alerts, the first thing you want to do is to click on the “Filter by word(s)” option below the search box then select “Something OR Other”. A pop-up box will appear; fill it as I have below with “Why”, “How” and “When”.

twilert 3

This ensures you only see tweets that are most likely questions.

The next thing is to click in the Misc option also below the search box and select “? Question”; also filters away tweets that aren’t questions.

Lastly, click on Filter by User and select to:user. Now think of any top influencer in your niche and key in his or her name.

So basically, the formula is; Why OR How OR When + ? + to:@influencers handle.

And boom, here’s GOLD!

twilert 5 twilert 6

Finally set it up and let the ideas pour directly to your email inbox 🙂

Run Quick and Simple Twitter Polls.

Running twitter polls are great to generate content ideas your audience wants to see. You could run polls that ask people questions to help you better understand what they need OR…

You could run polls where users get to select what specific topic they want to get from you.

If you blog about blogging, you’d run a poll that says something like;

Hey guys, what’s up with you today? Btw, what exactly would you want to treat on my blog?

  • Social media marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Getting traffic.
  • Making money off your blog.

Twitter polls are really easy to create; as easy as sending a tweet itself. Click the tweet button then select polls. Enter your poll details and hit the tweet button.

Here it goes…

my twitter poll

Start collecting valuable information directly from your followers and stack up your content vault.

But then you might say; nobody clicks or participates in my polls, what should I do?

That’s absolutely true as people will most likely ignore your poor survey especially when you’re just starting out. But not to worry, I’ll take you through a few steps to get your poll to as much people as you can and get as much votes as possible.

How to Promote your Twitter Poll and Get People to Actually Vote!


I’m going to reveal one technique that’ll explode your poll votes and get people engaging with it.

Using Influencers!

All you simply need to do is get certain influencers to promote your poll. You don’t have to invest much time into getting influencers as you’ll think of ones you already have a relationship with.

Think of 2-3 niche influencers in your space; they should have reasonable twitter following and influence. (Influence here means how much people interact with them).

To avoid much stress, don’t go after influencers you don’t already have some sort of connection with. This way, they’ll most likely help you out.

After thinking of about 2 or 3 influencers, visit their twitter page, engage with one or two of their tweets (comment, retweet) then hit them via DM telling them about your survey.

Here’s a template you can use;

Heyo, (Influencer’s first name), how are you doing today?

Btw, I just wanted to let you know about a quick poll I’m running for the next (number of days your poll will run) here on twitter. I don’t have a huge following so I wanted to see if you were open to retweet and probably vote too J

What’d you think?

(Send him/her the poll tweet)

Go extra mile and tag their twitter handles in the tweet poll with a short (shorter) message. By doing this, they get to see the poll even if they don’t get your DM.

Ask Questions in Tweet.

To get as much content ideas as you can, you need to constantly know your audience’s problems, what they want solved or what they’re currently hoping for.

The more questions you ask, the more answers you’re likely to get thus running once-in-a-while polls wouldn’t cut it; spice up your twitter content calendar with questions for your followers.

I know a tool which would help you do this – SMARTERQUEUE!

Smarterqueue is one of my favourite social media scheduling tools because of its cool calendar-like content dashboard. You get this content scheduling calendar where you schedule exactly what sort of post should go out at what time?

PS: Smarterqueue is offers a 14 day free trial after which you pay £13.99 per month for the Solo plan. Don’t forget to check out the list of social media tools I love and recommend on my tools page.

Sign up for the 14 day free trial and setup your scheduling calendar. Smarterqueue has a 4 minute video guide on how to setup your account.

Now back to adding questions to extract content ideas from your followers…

On your Smarterqueue dashboard, navigate to Schedule tab then click on any timeslot of your choice. Under Categories, select Questions, pick twitter (plus any other platform you want) then hit Save.


smarterqueue 2

Hover over the Timeslot you’ve just created, click on the 3 Dots of the timeslot and select clone. Past the timeslot all over the week and you’re done.

You’ll be able to schedule questions every single day; extracting your target audience’s pain.

Check out twitter’s trending articles.

Late last year, twitter rolled out a new mobile-only feature that displays a list of the most popular or talked about articles within the app. If you’ve never noticed this feature while scrolling the search tab on your mobile, don’t worry here’s a screenshot;

twitter trending articles

For articles to be trending, a lot of people must have loved and shared it.

Go through each article and visit the ones that are related to the type of content you produce. Take another step and find users that tweeted the article; reach out to them and connect.

Check Influencers Tweet Comments.

A lot of users drop comments that can be turned into great content readers would love; tweet comments (or replies) are a great place to look for these.

To generate content ideas by going through your influencers’ comments you have to first find influencers doing great on twitter then find their best tweets.

Sounds like a lot but it’s pretty easy and I’m going to show you exactly how (step by step).

Step 1: Finding Niche-Influencers Doing Well on Twitter:

The first and simple way to get influencers in your space is by running a few Google searches. Like I said, bloggers compile lists of resources to help other bloggers succeed in the game and they’ve compiled this too.

Head on Google search and run this;

“Top (your niche) experts to follow on twitter”

In this post, we’ll use search engine optimization, SEO (since there’s 99% possibility you do SEO since you blog). Our search string will then be “Top SEO experts to follow on twitter”. Here’s the result;

seo experts to follow

Let’s go with the first result; on PostPlanner.


From this resource by Pat, I was able to pull out 10 SEO experts with more than 400,000 followers. They are; Neil Patel, Matt Cutts, Larry Kim, Danny Sullivan, and Rand Fishkin.

PS: Please note that I’m only showing you how to do this which is why I’m only using 5 influencers. In your case, pull out more. Think 20-30; this way, you’ll pull off more than enough content ideas for your blog.

Step 2: Finding their Best SEO Tweets

On this step, you need to find their best performing tweets in terms of replies, retweets… etc. but since these experts tweet other related content (not just SEO), we’re going to pull out their SEO tweets with lots of replies.

This step is simple with the help of Twitter Advanced Search. Just follow my directions below;

Head over to twitter advanced search and enter the following details the way I did. This will only give us tweets with “SEO” and “HOW” in them.

twitter search seo experts

Here’s what we get…

twitter search seo experts 2

Go through tweets with high volume of replies and go through them. In this case, I’ll pick the first tweet, from Rand with 209 replies.

twitter search seo experts 3

Great blog posts could emerge from these discussions 😉


I usually don’t have anything to say in my conclusion but if there’s anything or any step you don’t understand or want more clarity on feel free to ask questions in the comments.

If you like this post, join my newsletter and share it. Once more thanks for dropping by my blog!

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Chats give you so much blog post material Simon. Love these ideas! Also, seeing what folks dig on Twitter. Check for posts that get retweeted often, and where engagement is high. Clues into similar topic that should be explored on your blog. But keep your cyber ear to the street; Twitter works for folks who use the network daily to learn, connect, and to serve.