12 Ridiculously Simple ways to Find your Target Audience as a Blogger [on Twitter]

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Good day, and thank you so much for dropping by to learn a thing or two to help find your target audience as a blogger (using only twitter).

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GOAL: In this week’s post, I’ll be teaching you how to find your target audience on twitter to follow and connect with.

Not so long ago, I got a question from a reader asking how to find your target audience as a blogger using twitter.

Because not all twitter users will love what you do (in fact, most won’t), I’ll walk you through how to stay away from those and attract users that’ll most likely love your tweets and most importantly, love your blog articles.

Finding your blog’s target audience is one blogging task you should always be doing. Without this, you would literally be writing to nothing.

Find your Target Audience as a Blogger on Twitter

Like I always say, twitter is the best social media platform to lay your blog’s foundation.

Using twitter, I was able to kick-off my blog (this one), published my first blog post that has done over 6,000 shares (without pinterest) and also brought in over 100 email subscribers.

This was possible because I was able to leverage strategies like manually finding twitter users that were most likely going to be interested in my blog content.

Now here’s the thing;

I didn’t only find my target audience but I also built relationships with them, thus one thing to keep in mind before jumping into this week’s guide is to know that YOUR GOAL IS TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE ON TWITTER.

And don’t worry, I’m going to reveal to you some secret steps to start building genuine relationships with your target audience via twitter.



Please take notes of links with an asterisk (*) beside them; it simply means I’m affiliated with the tool or resource which means I get little commissions when you sign up or purchase from them at no extra cost for you. I only recommend tools that I personally signed up for and used myself.

What to Do After Finding Your Target Audience on Twitter.

I get asked this question severally and this is the perfect post to talk about it.

Problem: the strategies in this guide will show you actionable ways to find your target audience as a blogger using twitter. What then do you do next?

There are 2 most important things I always do when I come across a user that will most likely be interested in my articles. These are;

Thing #1: I Follow them.

Thing #2: I Start Engaging with them.

The first way to get on a user’s radar on twitter is to follow them. All other relationship-building tacts fall afterwards.

Users will most likely pay attention to what you’re saying when you follow them.

Building relationships comes next.

Tweet out their blog posts, retweet their tweets, drop comments, start up discussions, ask questions and offer to help them when needed.

Now let’s get into the meaty aspect of this guide…

How to Find Your Target Audience as a Blogger [on Twitter]: Finding Users that’ll be Interested in your Blog Content.

Note that most of these strategies require you to put in a little time.

I barely use automated tools to find my target audience on twitter so I’ll be showing you manual but organic strategies.

Like I said, these are purely strategies that helped me kick start my blog, get over 6,000 social shares, 100+ email subscribers and thousands of traffic just from my FIRST EVER BLOG POST!


Alright, let’s jump in…

#1 Start by “Re-Signing Up” Your twitter account and checking users twitter will recommend you to follow.

With this strategy, what you basically do is to get twitter to recommend you some twitter accounts to follow based on certain keywords.

Don’t worry I’ll explain…

There are certain steps you must follow when setting up a new twitter account. These are Twitter’s sign up processes to help you better set up your account.

Still don’t understand? Here’s a screenshot…

twitter start

Now, what I love about this sign up process is that you can always go through them even with an old account.


First Step: Visit twitter.com/i/start on your browser and click on “LET’S GO”. Make sure your twitter account is already logged in on the browser.

Step 2: You’ll be taken to the next page. On that page, you’ll see a “LOOKING FOR MORE” section; fill in 5-10 niche keywords that are super related to your blog and CLICK ON “CONTINUE”.

blog keywords

Note: Insert just 1 keyword/phrase at a time.

Twitter will then recommend a bunch of twitter users based on your location and interests mainly based on the keywords you used in the previous step.

In my case, I’ll be suggested recommendations like these;

twitter recommends

Make sure you go through their respective twitter bio to know if they’re people you’d want to connect with.

#2 Find those who Tweet your competitors blog content.

Put time to finding users that have shared similar posts to yours. This is even more effective when you create top-notch content that’s better than other blogs’.

How to find twitter users that have shared similar blog posts?

You can either use buzzsumo or run a few simple twitter searches.

Both ways are pretty good in their own ways. For example, with buzzsumo, you get to extract all twitter users that have shared a particular blog post on a spreadsheet.

This makes it easier for you if you do reach outs.

Likewise, twitter search, you can easily connect with these users (and their tweets) on the go directly on twitter. You don’t have to go through any spreadsheet; you get raw tweets from these users. Plus this method is free.

Note: I particularly love to use twitter search because it’s faster and of course FREE, LOL!


To use buzzsumo, head over to buzzsumo.com and insert any content similar to yours in the search bar and search.

Click on the twitter sharers tab. From there, you can extract the users in a spreadsheet. If not, then roll with me with twitter search.


Visit Twitter Advanced Search and insert the details as seen below (replace “@s_zakuu” with your influencer)…


If you don’t want the stress of going to Twitter Advanced Search, simply copy & paste this (below) in your normal search bar on twitter.

“via @s_zakuu” @s_zakuu

(Again, don’t forget to replace “s_zakuu” with your influencer’s handle).

Most tweet-shares of blog articles include “via” OR “by” thus most results will be tweets shared by users from your competitor’s blog.

#3 Find Similar Accounts and Go through their Followers.

Here, I’m going to show you how to find similar accounts and scan through their twitter followers to find users that’ll most likely love your tweets & blog articles.

“Similar Accounts” here are accounts with your target audience. To make this easier for you, target similar accounts with little number of followers.

Think followers from 1,000 (1k) to 5,000 (5k).

This will help you quickly go through profiles that follow them way faster and easier.

Here are steps I use every single time to find similar accounts with little following with my target audience.

Step 1: Think of 5-10 bloggers in your niche. Not influencers just regular bloggers probably just starting out but have laid a good foundation.

Step 2: Follow them on twitter and see the profiles twitter will recommend you to follow. Most times, you’ll find more twitter users with your target audience with little following.

 twitter writers

They All Write…

Step 3: Go through their “followers” tab, scan users that follow them and connect based on their twitter bios.

#4 Find Users that Love your Competition.

This is pretty similar to the strategy above but the slight difference is that you’ll not only find users that have tweeted your competitors blog articles but users that have tweeted at your competitors.

Every user that tweets at your competitors will get in on this list.

Head on twitter and run any of these;

  • “Influencer’s Full Name” e.g. Derek Halpern.
  • “Influencer’s Twitter Handle” – @derekhalpern.

Go through the results and find tweets like these (using @derekhalpern)…


#5 Find Users that Participate in Niche Twitter Chats.

Users that participate in niche twitter chats are targeted thus you can’t afford to miss out on this goldmine.

I’ve seen one of the best results using this strategy.

With twitter chats, you find users who’ve shown top interest in what you blog about. But first you have to find twitter chats in your niche.

Luckily for you, I have an entire post for this. I even compiled a long list of 70+ Twitter chats for Bloggers like you.


Here’s the link to post: The Ultimate List of 70+ Twitter Chats for Bloggers in Different Niches (2018 List)

After getting 2 or 3 twitter chats in your niche, you need to manually find users that participate. And I have a simple way to pull them out quickly…

On twitter, simply use the search bar and search the respective twitter chats hashtag. For example, you can search “#twitterSmarter”, then move to the people tab.


Scroll through each profile to find exactly those that will most likely be interested in your posts. Use their bio as key.

#6 Find Users that Reply to Influencers Pinned Tweets.

Influencers are people who have built their fan base by producing top notch content and standing out. Most of these have twitter profiles you could look up.

Find 3-5 niche influencers with huge twitter followers, in your niche. Head over to their twitter pages and go through their pinned tweets (for those that have).

Most of these pinned tweets carry top information they want to share hence tend to get more attention, replies and retweets. Focus on people that reply.

rebekah radice pinned tweets

Most times, they’re going to love what you have to offer. Follow and engage with them!

#7 Connect with Users Influencers Engage with.

Now, I’ve talked severally about this on my blog, emails… so this shouldn’t be new to you but if this is your first time on my blog then don’t worry, I got you!

This strategy helps you find your target audience by looking up people that influencers engage with. These are kind-of influencers’ friends on twitter.

They’re considered as friends here because they engage with them the most. Now I know what you’re probably thinking…

How can I find people that influencers engage with the most!?

Using twitonomy (a free tool), you can find and extract the users that any influencer engages with the most. To do this, head over to twitonomy.com and sign in with your twitter account then authorize.

You’ll be taken to your dashboard; in the search box, insert the influencer’s twitter handle and hit search (or press the ENTER key).

You’ll be taken to a sort of data-page where all details of the influencer is given. Scroll a bit down to “users most replied to”.

There you will see the list of the top twitter accounts the influencer (you searched) engages with the most.

#8 Find Users that Mention Your Niche Keywords.

This strategy helps you find interested people through certain keywords that they mention in their tweets.

For example, if I want to target bloggers, I’ll search for tweets with keywords like…



“newblogpost” etc…

List down 10-15 of these. Now, there are two ways to do this;

  1. Using twitter search.
  2. Using any twitter alert tool (I have one I recommend)

Using twitter, head to the search tab and run any of the keywords you’ve listed above. One secret tip is to switch to the “recent” tab so as to find users that just shared their tweets.

This way, you’d only engage with people with active twitter accounts not ones with latest tweet dated “2010″.

The alternative way is to use any twitter alert tool. I use and recommend twilert.

Twilert is a twitter tool that allows you to get notified by email when certain keywords are mentioned in tweets.

[I used this keyword to get a client :)]

Head over to twilert.com and signup for a free account. Setup your account and add the keywords you’ve listed above.

One thing I love about twilert is that you get to set a particular time for the email notifications. I set mine once at the end of everyday to get all keyword mentions that happened during the course of the day.

Get that? G.R.E.A.T.!

#9 Follow Similar accounts and go through different accounts twitter will recommend.

This is one my favorite strategy right now; I do this every single time I log into my twitter.

If you’ve noticed, most social media platforms usually recommend similar accounts to consider following after you follow any user.

They use certain algorithm to fetch out similar users to the one you just followed. Twitter is no different from that.

Find similar accounts to yours and follow them. These could be other bloggers, niche competitors or influencers.

I mostly go with influencers with decent following that is not too large and not too small either.

After following, go through recommended  users that immediately appear. I find that most times, 95% of accounts recommended this way are always people I want to engage with.

twitter writers

#10 When Influencers tweet your content, monitor those who engage with it.

If you’ve been following my blog, you should know by now that I’m a big fan of getting top influencers to share your content.

In fact that’s basically what I teach in my free email course on how I published my first blog post that did 1,000 social shares (now 6k) in 7 days and has brought in 100+ email subscribers.

In this free course, I basically walk you through how you can replicate this result on your blog with just one blog post. You can sign up below…

Hidden Content

Now when top blogging influencers in your niche tweet your blog articles, a lot of users engage with them. Some click and read your blog.

What you need to do is find users that like, retweet or most importantly reply to these tweets and engage with them since they’ve shown interest in your content already.

#11 Keep an Eye for ‘thank-you’ Tweets.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but most times, twitter users tweet thank-you/shout out tweets to their most recent followers or top engaged followers.

They’re something like…

donna thank you tweet

Go through the people mentioned and start up conversations with them. Don’t forget to make sure the user is one that could be interested in your blog content.

#12 Search and Find Users that Mention Certain Tools in your space.

This is a unique twitter hack I came up with that has never been published anywhere!

It’s similar to the one I showed you above but I felt it’s a little bit more strategic so I had to create a space for it alone.

How this works is you basically find users that have tweeted or asked any question about certain tools in your industry.

I found a couple potential blog readers this way.

For example, if you blog about Email Marketing and promote tools like Thrive Leads, you’ll find users that mention Thrive Leads*.

One cool thing I love about this is that you could even promote your affiliate links to these. The goal should be to help and provide value and not to sell them something.

For me, if someone mentions buffer, he/she should be interested in social media marketing. Try not to limit this to tools you’re affiliated with.

Head onto Twitter AND Begin Searching Right Away!


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