Hey, Simon Zaku here. I am African based in Nigeria.Simon Zaku

A few years back, I was running a news/entertainment blog which lasted for about a year because I wasn’t able to pay for hosting and other services.

I gave up blogging to chase my career as an architect in the university but later switch back to blogging when a cousin of mine asked about my blog and was ashamed to say “I don’t blog anymore” because I was super happy about my first blog that I let everyone at home know.

A few months in, I decided to start a tech blog (Techtional). I purchased a domain name and ordered a $5 logo for it but became discouraged by the number of huge tech blogs already out there (+ I gained admission into college so thought I wouldn’t have time for the Techtional).

Today, I am a twitter marketing specialist focused on helping businesses and brands grow their twitter profiles effectively without spending too much time. I’ve written for a couple blogs like the Ninja Outreach blog that got feedback like this…

I’ve also been listed as one of the top 100 marketers to follow on twitter (before starting this blog) on Evancarmichael.com.

I spent the last couple months learning only the best tactics, strategies and techniques to help grow your twitter brand.

I used these strategies to grow 3 of my twitter profiles to their first 100 organic follows just in two days (Each!).

I also used these same strategies to turn one of my twitter profiles from an “entertainment focused” audience to my business’ target audience in few months. From…


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“Simon puts helpful and targeted content on his twitter pages. It shows his commitment to continuous learning and intense focus to better his craft and be the best at what he does.” – Rose Ze Meka

Like many of you, I love learning new things and strategies every single day, I love connecting with a lot of like minded peeps and also learn a lot along the journey which I’ll be sharing on this blog.

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Happy to work with you and know your awesome brand.

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Simon Zaku