Dear entrepreneur! Your business is wasting so much time on twitter marketing and you need to do something about it if you want to grow or scale your business. Let me prove that to you...

In a recent research by VerticalResponse, 43% of small businesses spend 6+ hours each week on social media!

About 25% spend 6-10 hours every week!

Nearly 70% of small businesses are on twitter! Which means a good chunk of small businesses spend way more than 6 hours every week managing their twitter profiles.

In that same research, 1 out of 3 CEO's, owners and proprietors want to spend less time on social media!

Let me quickly share 3 actionable strategies that'll help you save a ton of time. You can implement these strategies right away, pal! Let's get started...

Tactic #1: Create a "Must Read" twitter list

With about 6,000 tweets put out each second, you have more information than you need.

By the way, most of those aren’t relevant yet we waste time going through our twitter feeds. For example, on my main twitter profile, @s_zakuu, I get about 50-100 new tweets come up in my feed every minute! That’s huge! (Plus serve as distractions that make us super unproductive).

Have you ever noticed this? You hop on twitter to check things out which should take you about 5-10 minutes, browse through your timeline and before you know it you’ve spent more than an hour! Reading tweets, replying tweets, reading  useful content… Without you even knowing! That’s a hell of distraction and that’s when twitter lists come into place.

Head to your twitter profile and go to “list”.twitter list

Click on “Create new list” and name it something like “Must Read” or “Most Relevant”.

Make it private so only those you add can join.

twitter private list
Think of 5-10 accounts that provide value to you. These are mostly influencers, industry-news brands or blogs. Bookmark your “Most Relevant” list’s link so you only refer to it whenever you want to jump on twitter.

I claimed back about 1:15 minutes weekly by using this technique.

Tactic #2: Use Social Jukebox to recycle previous tweets

What’s Jukebox?

Basically, it’s a social media scheduling tool that does the job of recycling your already tweeted content. It’ll recycle your tweets so they keep going out (in a well organized and random way).

When you repost your tweets:

  • More people see your content hence drive more traffic to it. (Robbie Richards of sent 628 people to his site by using this method).
  • You get more leads per content.
  • You save your business lots of hours every week.

What companies do is they keep wasting too much time creating new content every single day of the week. Guess what…

You are throwing your precious time away! Head over to and create a free account. Log into your profile and click “create new jukebox”.social jukebox account
Create a new jukebox and add. Make sure the “Jukebox type” is at “Regular”.

new social jukebox
Set your schedule days under “schedule” tab and then move to “posts” tab to add your tweet content.

Tactic #3: Use 'Page down' twitter shortcut – Space Bar


This might sound a little crazy but truth is it saves time.

I’m not going to bore you with 100 twitter shortcuts to use but just one which can save you about 10 seconds going through 10 tweets on your timeline. I’ll explain…

I tried something quick a while back. I wanted to see whether using the keyboard shortcut was faster than using the normal scroll bar. I hoped to my twitter timeline set my timer to scroll over 10 tweets using both the keyboard shortcut and the scroll slider.

The later was slower with about 10 seconds! So if you go through your timeline of say 300 tweets… It’ll be 3,000 seconds!

If you check your timeline twice every 24 hours it’ll be 6,000 seconds every day which equals 1 hour 40 minutes! "Small things make up the the big ones!"

Tactic #4: Set Twilert to email you of @replies once every day