Hello, My Name is Simon Zaku and I Went from “Nobody” to Publishing my First Blog Post (on this blog) that Has Generated Over 3,000 Twitter Shares!

simon zaku


Not, Pinterest (I didn’t even setup a pinterest account)…

Not facebook…


the post has over 6,000 total social shares now. With 3,000+ coming from twitter…

I know what you are thinking right now:

“but Simon, I’ve read severally that twitter is literally dead and doesn’t provide much results now”

Well, that might be true but thing is, when you follow the secrets I’m about to reveal to you, you’ll break the twitter curse and get crazy results FAST! Just get ready and pay attention…


You spend a lot of time writing new blog content every single week and publish but it seems no one pays attention to it 🙁

You tweet it out severally, share in so many facebook groups and LinkedIn too but nothing. Sometimes you see a little spike (most likely from pinterest) but after a few days, you’re back to NO TRAFFIC.

You decide to step up a little bit and change or create fresh pinterest images but no one’s even repinning 🙁

Here’s the thing…

You have a super great content and you know that but there’s just one thing you’re missing out;

You’re not Getting Enough (Relevant) People to Tweet Your Content

You depend on your tweets, shares and pins to do the job which is why your traffic barely increases even with your efforts.

This might sound regular but it took me about a year (and 3 failed blogs) to figure this out. The results?

6,000 social shares on my very first blog post on this blog with over 3,000 coming from tweets.

Thousands of blog traffic from my first month of blogging.

A little over 100 email subscribers just from my first blog post.

All from Understanding and Uncovering the Platform, Twitter.

Now, I’ve put together a free email course that’ll walk you through this journey. I won’t bug you with my stories but I take you by the hand and show you how you can replicate this on your own blog too.

In this free email course, you’ll learn the very steps I took to get top blogging influencers in my niche to tweet out my first blog post. Think Sam Hurley, Rebekah Radice, Evan Carmichael, Noah Kagan and maaaaany others.

When you sign up, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Number 1 Twitter Myth that’s Blowing Up EVERYWHERE! This is the ONLY reason you’re not getting traffic from twitter.
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  • And More…

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