Hello, my name is Simon Zaku and I'm proudly Nigerian 🙂Simon Zaku

A few years back, I was running a news/entertainment blog which lasted only for a year because I didn't have enough money to pay for hosting and other services (+ I wasn't making any money).

I then stopped blogging for a while thus became that regular kid struggling to secure a degree certificate, get a 9-5 job and hopefuly retire (SAD).

After a while, I decided to give blogging another shot. I wanted to start a tech blog  which I named Techtional. In fact, I purchased a domain name, ordered a $5 logo and wrote about 15 blog posts but NEVER started Techtional.


Well, story for another day - (HINT: I was frustrated)

I then decided to learn how the twitter-scope worked because;

= I figured a lot of you needed help with twitter.

= I had passion for twitter.

= I was passionate about blogging (of course) and marketing.

Twitter for Bloggers and Marketers was born...

Today, I am a twitter expert and I teach bloggers how to generate thousands of traffic & hundreds of leads using Twitter. On the other hand, I work with marketing agencies to manage their twitter helping them generate leads and traffic.

This is the best article I have ever read on Twitter

Wow, Simon! This is the best article I have ever read on Twitter and I have PAID good money to learn more about it. You gave this for free, I can’t wait to learn more from you and am subscribing to you today! I am going to start trying these steps one by one as I have time and I can’t wait to see the results”

I'm going to be sharing with you these strategies in my blog articles and community.

Like many of you, I love learning new things and strategies every single day, I love connecting with a lot of like minded peeps and also learn a lot along the journey which I'll be sharing on this blog.


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Simon Zaku


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